Best Smartwatch Under $50

Best Smartwatch under $50

Are you looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch with cool features? Read our best smartwatch under $50 review to find a perfect one for you.

If you might wear the common watch, which will only let you know the time, but today the use of the smartwatch is increasing day by day.

It will not only let you know the time but also keep you updated with many things. Smartwatch contains plenty of features that will not only benefit you but also play a key role in your life.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a smartwatch; we will tell you the best smartwatch along with its features and benefits in this article.

If you want to know and make your life easier by using a smartwatch, then please read on…

Best smartwatch under $50 at a glance – Top picks

Best Smartwatch Under $50 That You Can Buy Today

YIIXIIYN Bluetooth Smartwatch

It is a smartwatch, which provides you plenty of features at a low price. It is durable, unlike all low-budget smartwatches. It will keep an eye on your movement and count your steps and tell you the number of calories you have burnt. That is why it is also known as Fitness Tracker Smartwatch.

You don’t need to remember birthdays or any occasion; it will take care of it by using its alarm and reminder feature. Also, read Best Smartwatch Under $250

You can connect this watch with your social media accounts to read the messages or receive the necessary notifications like business emails.

It is waterproof and dust-proof means you can take it to swimming pools without getting worried. It consists of the music remote controller, which provides you the fun features to enjoy.

You can also hear songs and music. It looks amazing on the wrists and you will also feel it once you wear it. This is one of the top picks in our best smartwatch under $50 list.

  • Easy to connect with social media apps
  • Highly durable
  • Waterproof
  • Great at reminding you about special occasions
  • Fitness tracker
  • Very stylish to wear
  • Provide you fun features
  • Certain features are not compatible with iOS devices


If you are looking for a smartwatch that provides plenty of features at the same time and also keeps you updated on every notification, then try this smartwatch.

We highly recommend this smartwatch to professional people, who want to get updated about every notification the will receive.

Except for this, you can also have remote camera control, which controls the camera of your smartphone.

It is also known as a personal tracker because it keeps tracking your energy level, heartbeat, sleeping rate, and many more. It can sustain all seasons.

You can get it at a low price with high durability and plenty of features. It is waterproof, so you can take the watch with yourself in taking bath and swimming pools too.

  • Keep tracks a lot of factors
  • You can control your camera
  • It gets you updated
  • You can wear it anywhere
  • It is waterproof
  • It is not consistent with giving accurate results of heartbeat, calories burnt, etc.

Let’s check a review video of GARINEMAX Smart Watch

Pebble Black Smartwatch

If you are in your early twenties and want to wear a highly attractive professional smartwatch, then we highly recommend you Pebble Black Smartwatch.

It has got an amazing look with a square-shaped and black color. It is best to wear it while going to the office or playing any sport.

It has got a high time durable battery; you can run this watch to one week with a single time charge. You can also have access to notification like emails, SMS, alarms, and apps. It is not troublesome to use Bluetooth.

You should be provided with pebble apps so that you can improve your smartwatch efficiency.

You can also listen to music during the game, it gets you to enjoy while performing on the ground.

  • It is adaptable to Android and IOS
  • You get a music player to listen to music
  • Very stylish to wear
  • Highly durable battery
  • It gets recharged quickly
  • You have access to the notification
  • It is manufactured from plastic material, so you need to protect it from heavy shocks

Zeblaze Vibe3 Smartwatch Android & IOS

If you are looking for a smartwatch for higher sunlight visibility and can store the data for a longer time, then we will recommend you to buy Zeblaze Vibe3 Smart Watch Android & IOS.

It will not create any problem to check your time in sunlight as other smartwatches usually do.

The best feature it provides you is to store your data and have access to it at any time within 21 days.

This smartwatch works on android version 4.4 and IOS version of 8.0 or above.

This watch gives you more options with the size of the dial and its radius so that it will look good upon your wrist. Furthermore, you can get the product which suits the most on your wrist.

You will get this smartwatch as waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof. It means you can take this watch in swimming pools within getting worried.

It can also have access to WiFi to download the data, and this product also contains the sharing option to share your data.

  • Waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof
  • You can download and share the data
  • It contains a remote camera
  • It can store the data for 21 days
  • It is sunlight visible
  • Available in blue color only

XINYUNG Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

It is an amazing product of XINYUNG brand. It is a smartwatch that will not only use for time set and notification, but it can also be used for fitness tracking.

It will tell you the energy you wasted in terms of burning calories. It is the reason; we will highly recommend this watch to fitness freaks.

One of the great features I like about this watch is it tells you the hours you slept. It just behaves like your secretary. You will find it stylish once you wear it.

It comprises a big screen having a size of 1.3 inches, which will not cause any problem to view the screen.

You will find this product at lower prices with full of amazing features like music player, remote camera, GPS connectivity, etc.

  • The big screen makes it look attractive.
  • Available in more than one color.
  • Full of features.
  • Very stylish to wear.
  • Fitness tracker.
  • Low price.
  • Fitness statistics wouldn’t be accurate all the time

Buying Guide

We are making a buying guide to make you familiar with the right choices to buy the smartwatch. It tells you the exact things to look after before purchasing any smartwatch. Before buying any product less than $50 and greater than $30, wear the watch and check whether it suits you or not.

Almost every low rate smartwatches have a battery problem, so don’t throw the watch away. In place of doing it, buy another battery and use it again.

Try to choose to buy the smartwatch, which will be compatible with both android and iOS devices.

Make sure you will observe it under sunlight so that you can make sure that you can view the screen under sunlight.

Buy a waterproof smartwatch to avoid unwanted damage from sweat and water.


We are thankful to you if you have read the article. I hope our article added value to your knowledge and motivate you to buy the smartwatch to make you comfortable. If you have decided to buy any product from above, then don’t take the time to think, just order from our list of best smartwatch under $50.

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