Braun Series 3 Review and Comparison

The shaving perfection is entirely dependent on the performance of the shaver. And the performance depends on what type of electric shaver & technology they have embedded in them. Analyzing Braun Series 3 Review and comparing it with different machines is not easy.

You need to pick, compare, and choose between available options.

We’ll also check out a few other feautures and options, both from Braun and the competition that may actually work better in certain situations.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is an affordable electric shaver that delivers a great shaving experience

Let’s start with a quick overview of the main features.

Braun Series 3 unboxing

Included accessories apart from the shaver, let’s break it down:

  • Travel case
  • Charging stand
  • Charging cord
  • Instruction manual


Technology: MicroComb
Type: Wet & Dry Foil Shaver
Number of shaving heads: 3 independent floating nets
Trimmer: Middle trimmer
Battery: 2x powerful rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
Charging time: 1 h
Time off-line work: 45 min.
Cleaning underwater: Yes (with unplugged power cord)
Waterproof: 100%
Weight: 1 pounds

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Check out in-depth Braun Series 3 Review video

Shaving performance



Shaving longer, flat-lying hairs

Wet shaving

No hair trimmer on the 3010s


✅Excellent value for money
✅Offers a good shave
✅The shaver is easy to use
✅Does not require the user to wet their face
????The shave leaves stubble behind
???? The foil head is week

Cleaning and maintenance

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Braun 3040s vs 3050cc – Counting the Differences

Braun 300s vs 3040s: Basic vs. The Intermediate of the List

Final Words

Braun Series 3 comes with a very tempting price point and you can get the most in terms of value. It is really convenient and also the result you’ll get be OK with dry shaving, and excellent with a wet shave using foam.

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