Best Smartwatch Under $150 in April 2020

Best Smartwatch under $150

Right now we are living in the golden age of the internet and technology. And as time is passing by all our devices are getting smarter than ever before. From desktop to a smartwatch, all the tech giants and big companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and many others compete with each other to make the best smartwatch under $150 for 2020 with more user-friendly features.

Nowadays, smartwatches have become a part of our lives. As they have all the features that we get in a smartphone.

Although the idea of the best smartwatch is here for very long, it has recently swooped itself into the mainstream.

As the smartwatch is taking over the place of the traditional analog watch, many varieties of the smartwatch are also making their own identity. And the latest addition to the list is fitness bands and it is also the best budget smartwatch.

All the health-conscious people are preferring these fitness bands, as they can track their health conditions.

It has many popular features like Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, calorie burn tracker and many more.

Best Smartwatch Under $150 at a glance: Top Picks

Best Overall: Garmin Vivoactive 3
Best Fitness Tracking: Amazfit Bip
Best Health Features: Samsung Gear S2
Top sport tracking technology: Misfit Vapor 2
Best Battery: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Best Value: Apple Watch Series 3
Best sports Smartwatch: Fossil Sport
Best sleep-tracking: Fitbit Versa 2
Most stylish: Garmin Approach S20
Advanced Features: Mobvoi TicWatch Pro

Popular Brands for Best Smartwatch Under $150

Products like Moov now, Samsung gear fit pro, Huawei band 2, Amazfit Bip, Fitbit Charge 2, Xiaomi Mi band 3 has already taken their spot into the list of most loved tech products.

Are smart watches worth it?

Many people find the traditional analog watches far better as they are made with perfection and great precision.

Still, people who love technology and want their watches to display all the needful information about their health and want to get all the notifications that come in their smartphones, consider smartwatches very helpful.

best smartwatch

As a matter of fact, the market and the smartwatch industry right now is creating an individual entity for itself.

Additionally, each day the sales are increasing and the industry of smartwatches is expanding. Moreover, many new companies are coming up with new smartwatches with the latest technology and great features.

To find a perfect new smartwatch for you, our expert has researched and made a list of best budget smartwatch 2020.

Here we have featured the quality, benefits, and of-course the pros and cons of each device.

Amazfit Bip: Best smartwatch for the money

Firstly, Amazfit Bip is a budget-friendly smartwatch. Secondly, it has almost all advanced specs of much more expensive devices contains.

Besides, it comes with a 45-day battery, making the Bip the best smartwatch for battery life.

I’ve been using this awesome smartwatch for the past five weeks, so watch to find out if the hype is true and if you should consider the Amazfit Bip.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • A soft band that fits all wrist sizes comfortably
  • GPS, heart rate monitor
  • Decent fitness tracker
  • Graphics are low resolution
  • Lacks music storage and controls

On the other hand, battery life is simply amazing. More than a month’s battery life.

I use the GPS for running every week and after a month, still got about 30% left.

Although this may be true, it the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor when you connect it with your smartphone.

Let’s watch a detailed review on Amazfit Bip Smartwatch…

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Samsung Gear S2: Best smartwatch for Android users

The Gear S2 is well-known for the eye-catching design, beautiful display, solid health tracking, and slightly better battery life.

Comparatively, it is one of the best-designed wrist smart gadgets in the market.

Firstly, the Samsung Gear S2 has a rotating subtle bezel, which makes it impressive.

Secondly, it has numerous advanced features like calendar appointments, fitness tracking, smart notifications, media playback, weather, alarms and much more.

  • Smart round design
  • Innovative rotating bezel
  • Tizen OS is polished
  • Lacks customization options
  • Fewer available apps

Misfit Vapor 2: Best cheap smartwatch

The Misfit Vapor 2 is one of the nice looking smartwatch compatible with both Android and iOS. It features all the essentials:

Misfit Vapor 2 Infographics
  • Available in two sizes
  • Built-in GPS
  • NFC for Google Pay
  • Wear OS is better than ever
  • Sluggish performance
  • Unimpressive battery life
  • Stiff crown
  • Awful release timing

The black plated stainless steel case size is 41mm and the silicone band size is 20mm. You can set custom goal and alarm setting in multiple time zone.

The vapor 2 is swim-proof. It can display messages, call, email, and your app notifications.

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👉 Read more here: Misfit Vapor 2 In-depth Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung galaxy watch is a brand name in the smartwatch industry. The high-end design makes it more suitable for both daily life activities as well as working out.

  • Beautiful, High-end design
  • Decent battery life
  • Competitive price
  • Lots of features
  • Good fitness-tracking capabilities
  • Absence of rotating bezel
  • Low number of third-party apps
  • No LTE variant
  • Low capabilities if you use it with non-Samsung phones and apps

Let’s check a video review about this budget-friendly smartwatch ….

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Apple Watch Series 3

Here is a fact that Series 3 is one of the most affordable smartwatch option than the Series 5 for iPhone users.

  • Improved fitness-tracking
  • Apple Music streaming (with LTE model)
  • Faster Siri
  • Still just 18-hour battery
  • Shorter battery life when connected to cellular

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Fitbit Versa 2: Best smartwatch for sleep-tracking

To emphasize, Fitbit Versa is one of the best GPS smartwatch available in the market.

  • Solid battery life
  • Alexa works inconsistently
  • Customized training programs (with subscription)
  • Swim-Proof
  • No on-board GPS
  • LTE: No

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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Fitness Smartwatch

It is one of the best fitness-focused smartwatches available in the market right now. You can easily customize and manage the activity screen to all your favorites with laps, heart-rate, and target zones.

  • Always-on watch face
  • Advanced workout-tracking
  • More than 15 preloaded GPS
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution
  • Up to 7 days battery life in smartwatch mode
  • No onboard music storage

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Fossil Sport: Best sports Smartwatch

Fossil smartwatch is an amazing sporty type gear and also feels comfortable on the arm. It is powered with wear OS by Google. It works smoothly with iPhone and Android phones.

With the new 3100 processor, Fossil smartwatch is quite responsive and quick. Additionally, in terms of speed, it will lag behind other non-wear OS smartwatches.

It has some cool apps that are snappier and Google Pay comes up instantly.

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in fitness Tracker
  • Comfortable design
  • Swim-proof
  • Powerful chip-set
  • A little pricey
  • No high-end features

Design and display

  • It is extremely light weight
  • Aluminum body
  • Water resistance

The smartwatch comes with built-in GPS for distance tracking. It is a fantastic gear for sport and fitness lovers.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review Video

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Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20 is a entry level GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking. It is very light weight and easy to adjust the rubber strap. This smartphone is also compatible with both iPhone and Android.

This versatile GPS device features more than 40,000 courses along with automatic map updates. It comes with Preloaded Courses. The cool feature of it’s autoShot round analyzer that can measure and auto-record your shot distances.

This smartwatch has four clicky buttons: up and down, okay and back. And that’s pretty much all you need.

It has CourseView feature. It can update your frequently played courses for free automatically.

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It is very effective device for someone who has a hard time judging the distance just by eyeing it out. It’s really handy to know which club you should be using. With the help of this watch you’ll be able to break 100 because you’ll just know which club to choose to get the closest to the green

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Mobvoi TicWatch Pro

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro is a dual-screen advanced smartwatch in the market. It maybe sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever devised until you stop trying to imagine screens side by side and instead stack them one atop the other.

If you’re thinking, what second the screen?

Well, not only familiar with it but also you’re actually already looking at it.

Read the in-depth review of Mobvoi TicWatch Pro here.

For instance, that’s a trick that Mobvoi borrows from Casio for its new TicWatch Pro.

The smartwatch comes with unparalleled outdoor readability to provide a maximum user experience. In the same fashion, the new technology ensures long durability for this smartwatch.

  • Clever dual-screen setup
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Premium design
  • Long battery life in Essential mode
  • Design is bulky
  • Wear OS still needs work
  • The Mediocre battery in smart mode

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Review Video

Read the latest customer reviews on

Final Words:

As a matter of fact, from health information to Facebook notifications, a smartwatch is smart enough to keep us updated about it. Not to mention, it can track and keep a record of all our daily activities.

With the help of the internet, a smartwatch literally brought everything to our fingertips. For a wide range of collections, you can check for the best cheap smartwatch on Amazon.

Above all, most of the top and local brands are concentrating more to improve the watches, and working day and night to make the experience truly a lot better for the consumers. Certainly, it is the best time to buy the best smartwatch under $150.


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