Best Smartwatch Under $250 in October 2020

best smartwatch under $250

Smartwatches are used for effective and easy communications via incoming sms, calls to social media notifications. Are you looking for a cool watch to check time, use calendar, or alarm? If yes, then I would suggest you not to continue reading this article as you can use your smartphone and save your money.

But if you want to catch up with society and stay connected with people, and ready to go with new tech gear, then I will convince you to read our in-depth review of best smartwatch under $250.

Best Smartwatch Under $250 At a Glance: Top Picks

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch
Best Fitness Tracking: Ticwatch Pro
Best Health Features: Garmin vívoactive
Best Battery: Fitbit Blaze
Best Value: Apple Watch Series 3
Premium Quality: Samsung Gear S2
Best Workout Partner: Motorola Moto 360
Best For Versatile Styling: Fitbit Versa 2
Best For Fitness Fanatics: HUAWEI Watch GT 2
Best For Attractive design: Casio Pro Trek

Advantages of Best Smartwatch under $250

You can get notifications, HR & BP data by lifting your wrist. So lets take a look about the advantages of best smartwatch under $250 which will push you to make the decision of purchasing and enjoy these benefits.

  • You have a doctor on your Hand which tells you about your health and fitness markers as heartbeats, and pulse so you will never need a doctor once more to follow up with you especially if you are fitness trainer.
  • You can for sure interact with messages and call people while you are Riding your Car, training or doing anything, and don’t need use your smartphone.
  • You will catch up with social media and see all the notifications of Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media apps you used to open , so now you can connect with people and catch-up with Notifications without your smartphone..
  • you will not be depressed once more when you lose your phone, because with “Find Phone” feature, You can link your phone to the smartwatch and locate your phone immediately , and ring it when you needs.
  • You will enjoy your entertainment while you are going out very simply, and can watch videos and listen to music , but for sure it will not be as the same quality as the large screen of your smartphone.
  • You don’t need to be panic when going on a long trip as smartwatch have a much longer battery than smartphone, which can help you to connect with people up to days without recharge.
  • You have a travel Buddy which can send you vibrations to tell you to go right or left instead of looking Constantly at the smartphone.

So I think now I managed to convince you to take the decision of paying for best smartwatch under 250 dollar, and now I will help you to choose the best one that fits you a lot among the top 5 smartwatches.

TicWatch Pro Premium Smartwatch

Experience more improved battery life and latest Google Fit™ app update.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Review

Mobvoi is the company that sells this smartwatch and its most expensive one, and despite being not Well known company as apple but the customers compare it a lot to apple series, and it is from the best seller on amazon

people who don’t have I-phone and want to buy smartwatch in this price range should take in opinion this watch among the top smartwatches.


Generally it has a very different design than the known apple watches. If you wear it you feel like you wearing an ice watch. So people who enjoyed wearing ice watches will admire this smart watch. This design attract a lot of customers.

The Ticwatch Pro has a new design and fantastic dual screen technology.

The watch has large body and weighs a little more than other watches but you will not notice it is too heavy, so generally you will fell comfortable.

  • Improved battery life
  • Premium design
  • Innovative screen technology
  • latest Google Fit™ app update
  • Mediocre battery in smart mode
  • No LTE version


It won’t offer a trial as interesting as (Apple-Watch 3), but it’s still the first choice for many customers nowadays.

The Ticwatch Pro is designed for people who want a best budget smartwatch that can do lots of different functions, and offers a top-end advantage but also an manageable price.

Let’s check out Ticwatch Pro review video:

Its most advantages are the fantastic design, the presence of many of sensors for fitness, the very long battery life with the dual display, and the manageable price.

There could be few disadvantages as limited Mobvoi app, no LTE version and Mediocore battery in smart mode.

Apple Watch Series 3

For Sure the apple watch 3 is for apple company which makes a comfortable feeling of confidence for any customer, and although it is not the last apple product but it stills a very recommended smartwatch which is top seller on amazon.

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The design of this watch is well known to each of us and almost identical to previous models , the design of apple watches has become pretty iconic , and for people apple watch is an instant recognition like I-phone , so apple don’t need to upgrade this design as it give a comfortable feeling for customers.

The screen uses the technology of OLED, so it is one of the most catchy screens. nowadays.


For sure apple watch 3 will be the first option for people who have I-phone or people who want to buy perfect smartwatch and don’t want to pay much to buy apple series 3 or Samsung galaxy smartwatch, so it will be excellent option among this price range.

What’s are Apple Watch Series 3 advantages?
There are some amazing advantages. Let’s check them out:
The long duration of the battery, marvelous screen, and that it resists water are the main reasons which persuade you to buy it especially if you don’t need to pay more for the next versions.

Let’s watch review video of Apple Watch Series 3

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If you search for Disadvantages we can say that it is only I-phone compatible and Siri still patchy, and high price for 4g model.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

This watch is made by Samsung company and it was Samsung best smartwatch for a while and for sure Samsung gear s3 offers more but this watch is a solid option for android users .

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The Samsung gear s2 continued the way of attractive smartwatches after apple and made a wonderful watch with smart round design and innovative rotating bezel which is better than apples digital crown.

It is designed to be water and dust resistant so you can wear it with pleasure during a shower or rain.

It has a very small weight(47g) so you can bear wearing it a very long time.


Generally if you don’t want to pay much for Samsung gear g4 this one will be more suitable watch for you and can compete with apple watches..

Its main advantages are the rounded design, and its catchy bezel which is so marvelous, and make the customer have a good experience, so this smooth and comfortable trial is big reason to buy this watch.

Its advantages are Slow voice control, lack of many high quality applications.

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Motorola Moto 360

Motorola 360

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Motorola Company became one of the most important companies in making smartwatches these days, so it came to us with this Smartwatch which become one of the most attractive watches for the customers.

You can control is with your voice. It comes with turn-by-turn navigation features.


This smartwatch fits a lot people who admires circular watches as moto360 have a circular Body and wonderful strap

 The body is silver stainless steel and there is wonderful strap, for which some customers buy exactly this smartwatch.

This watch can be Categorized as one of the traditional looking watches.


Generally if you are not from lovers of apple devices and want a different smartwatch with special design you will never forget motorola360 and it may be your first choice if you admire its traditional looking design.

Its main advantages are: wonderful UI , attractive design and its small weight attract a lot of customers who want to wear a very smooth watch and will fits a lot people who do fitness as Moto 360 is linked with google as it one of the best fitness smartwatch. Additionally, you will be able to track your activity whenever you want. You can also check smartwatches under 100 dollars.

Its main disadvantage is battery life. It was a little smaller than we expected, and the design is little thick and also the absence of wireless discharging.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung company come to us with Samsung galaxy smartwatch which become one of the most attractive watches in the market now-a-days and can exceed apple watch 5 for some reasons.

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People who use it always say it seems to be a real watch.

Its size looks good on our most wrists.

Its rounded screen make it looks so fashionable and also its bezel is so attractive.

Some customers who used the watch said that The Samsung Galaxy is the first watch till now which managed to be both fashionable and functional to this level.


When we talk about Samsung galaxy watch we must know that it is one of the most special smartwatches you can buy today and you can choose it and ignore apple-watch 5 for its battery.

The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s most durable smartwatch especially for fitness training, and also its battery which can stand up to four days and, and its size is highly comfortable. Also check: best smartwatch under 50

Are you searching for best GPS watch for hiking?

Its main advantages are its long battery life, for sure its Samsung software, rotating bezel, and it is best GPS watch form Samsung.

Its main disadvantages are wireless charger, and absence Google Maps, and some social media as Facebook, WhatsApp.

Final Verdict

We strive to help our readers with the best smartwatch which is a well combination of form and function. With greater power of newly features are being added time to time and longer battery life, smartwatches are getting more sophisticated day by day.


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