Best smartwatch under $350 in 2024

Smartwatch is one of the best gadgets for everyday use. These smart gadgets come with many extensive features like walking step tracking, heart point, sleep tracking, blood pressure measurement, showing time and date, and many more.

As there are so many options available in the market, buying the best smartwatch under budget fulfilling your needs is a little bit confusing. To help you today in this writing, we are going to show the best smartwatch under $350. Let’s see which one is special for you.

12 Best smartwatch under $350 [Best of the market in this budget]

Your smartwatch is the most classy gadget you wear every day. So, it is obvious you want the best one under your budget. That’s why here we are suggesting 12 options of the market’s best smartwatch under $350 with all features and pros-cons. Choose the best one and be smart.

Fitbit Versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 is an all-in-one smartwatch to monitor your activity. It is a premium smartwatch with a wide display (Black display, copper rose edge). This watch is designed with the premium jacquard woven band with an extra classic silicon band.

You can use Amazon Alexa (built-in) to get frequent news and information, weather updates, and set timers and alarms through voice commands. (You may use a third-party application if amazon Alexa is not available in your country).

You can monitor sleep quality by getting a heart rate score, time asleep, restlessness, and sleep score from your smartwatch. This device can track the time of light, deep, and REM sleep stages.

You can control your Spotify app with your smartwatch. By downloading Pandora station and adding Deezer playlists plus store, you can enjoy 300+ songs on your smartwatch. (Deezer Playlists plus store subscription is required).

Along with time and date, this Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch can track 24*7 heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes, and floors climbed with 6 plus day battery life.

And obviously, you will enjoy call, text, calendar, and smartphone app notifications on your smartwatch. You can even send quick replies and voice replies through your watch connecting with your android phone.

  • 6 days battery life; just awesome
  • Lightweight; Not bulky
  • Gorgeous
  • Waterproof
  • It is user-friendly and has covered all the features that you need.
  • It can’t track blood pressure

SAMSUNG Galaxy smartwatch active 2

The cool-looking Samsung galaxy smartwatch active 2 offers you more monitoring information about yourself so you can control your activity more. It can monitor your every step from the gym to the pool to your bed.

This smartwatch tracks your cycling, walking to swimming. It also offers to track additional activities manually.

This device is lightweight enough to wear anywhere comfortably. It is built with stainless steel with various looks to be compatible with trendy fashion.

Galaxy smartwatch active 2 can track your heart rate for 24 hours. It will automatically alert you about high or low heart rates.

This smart gadget helps you to get better sleep by tracking your stress level and offers an integrated calm app. It also suggests a way of getting better sleep.

This smartwatch serves you for more than a day from a single charge. A day’s battery life is not enough for some users, but I think it’s not a deal-breaker at all.

This watch uses Bixby voice functionality to respond to your commands. You can read your tests, make a call and connect to Spotify playlists.

This smartwatch is easily compatible with Android and ios.

  • Like most smartphones in this budget, it is widely compatible to monitor your health records
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Enough features to deal with smart lifestyle
  • It is not compatible with Alexa
  • Battery life is should be improved

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit sense smartwatch is engineered with built-in stress and skin temperature sensor to monitor your electrodermal activity and body’s response.

This smart device can assess your heart for atrial fibrillation and detect any heart rhythm irregularity. You can share your result with your doctor with the Fitbit ECG app (Not available in all countries).

Fitbit sense advanced smartwatch tracks your skin temperature every night and shows variability. It also shows your nightly blood oxygen levels. Its maximum operating altitude is 28000 ft.

This smartwatch monitors your heart rate and will notify you about high or low heart rate if it seems very high or lower than average.

From a single charge, you will enjoy 6+ days without any hassle. With the fast charging within just 12 minutes, it charged for a day.

This smart device will monitor your runs, hiking, and ride steps without your phone using built-in GPS. You can make hands-free calls when your phone is nearby from this device.

This smartwatch is Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible. You can get quick news, set the alarm, and control your smart home device through your voice commands.

  • Super comfortable and nice-looking
  • More features for health monitoring
  • Longer battery life
  • Stress management sensors
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
  • A bit expensive to some users

Garmin 010-02174-01 Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch

Garmin vivoactive 4 smartwatches are designed to track your energy level and fitness matrix. It tracks your pulse, respiration, stress level, menstrual cycle, heart rate, hydration, and more.

With built-in 20 GPS it shows you the recorded date of your every move: Yoga, running, swimming, and more.

This smart device is able to connect to Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer (Required premium subscriptions). Enjoy phone-free music from your smartwatch without headphones.

This Gramin smartwatch offers animated workouts including cardio, strength, yoga, and pilates right on your watch screen. No more hunting down workout videos or trainers.

From a single charge, this smartwatch serves you up to 8 days in smartwatch mode and up to 6 hours in GPS and music mode. (May vary depending on various factors).

You can personalize your watch from the connected IQ store with thousands of free watch faces apps.

One special feature, under the safety and tracking features this smart gadget can detect unwanted incidents and it will send your real-time location to emergency contacts pairing with a compatible device.

You will receive emails, texts, and alerts on a smartwatch screen connecting to the compatible smartphone. Enjoy an easy and comfortable life.

It can be your contactless payment solution through participating providers under the Garmin Pay system. (Not all payment networks are eligible and not available in all countries).

You will get a free personal running coach on your wrist which will help you to reach your next marathon target.

  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Covered almost all fitness features
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lots of modes for tracking different workouts
  • Good waterproofing
  • Sleep tracking accuracy should be improved

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch

Are you away from your phone or no wifi? NO issues. You can make calls, text, and steam with your phone with LTE connectivity. (LTE connectivity required).

It will help you to get your body matrix and reach your wellness target. Just on your wrist.

This smart device is smart enough to monitor your heart and provide accurate ECG monitoring reports. Check any abnormality of your heart on a smart wristwatch.

Using the Samsung Health Monitor app on your compatible Galaxy phone, you can share your health report to the doctor from your smartwatch.

With Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch’s advanced tracking technology, you can track every workout session. You can stay connected with live coaching via smartphone or through workout challenges to your friends. This smart gadget can track your workout movement from running to rowing to swimming.

This smartwatch is available in various colors. You can match your costume with bands ranging from green, silver, pink, and black.

Most importantly, you will enjoy 24+ hours from a single charge. You need to charge this watch once a day. (May vary depending on uses of features)

  • LTE supported, no worries even when your phone is away from you
  • Accurate ECG monitoring
  • Accurately monitor your health matrix
  • It is your body assistant
  • Battery life is not satisfying. At this price range, battery life should be more.

Garmin 010-02173-11 Venu smartwatch

The case size of this Garmin smartwatch is 43mm and it fits wrists with a circumference of 125-190mm. It is engineered with a wide AMOLED display.

You will receive your emails, text alerts right on your wristwatch pairing with a compatible smartphone. You can even respond to texts if you have an android phone nearby.

This smartwatch is suitable to enjoy songs connecting with Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music (Subscription required). Connecting with headphones (Sold separately), you will enjoy phone-free listening. It’s awesome!

Under the safety and tracking features, this smartwatch is as smart as it will send your location to your contact automatically (With the built-in accident detection technology) or manually when it is connected with a smartphone.

You can use Garmin pay as a contactless payment solution from your smartwatch through participating providers. (Not available in all countries and not all payment networks are eligible).

You can personalize this smartwatch by downloading apps, widgets, watch faces, and more. It’s free and easy!

This smartwatch can be your fitness coach. There are available preloaded easy-to-follow animated cardio, strength workout, yoga, and pilates workout suggestions. It will help you to reach your targets of 5k, 10k, or half marathon. Want more?

It will serve you up to 5 days in smartwatch mode and 6 hours in GPS mode from a single charge.

It is a smart gadget for monitoring your wellness and keeping track of your energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress level, sleeping hour, and estimated heart rate.

With the preloaded 20 GPS, you can record every move during sports, yoga, running, pool swimming, and more. It’s an all-in-one gadget.

  • Great battery life
  • As your fitness assistant, it tracks all your fitness matrix
  • Real-time notification of your call and text
  • Accurate GPS
  • 6 hours music time
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Doesn’t have ECG capability
  • It is not Alexa working
  • Can’t measure body temperature

Apple smartwatch Series 5 (Renewed)

Apple smartwatch series 5 is designed with an always-on retina display that never sleeps. So, you can easily check the time and other matrices without touching the display.

You can make international emergency calls in over 150 countries from this smartwatch, even when your iPhone is away from you.

Though the Apple smartwatch series 5 is available in various looks, including titanium, ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum, this renewed smartwatch is available with a silver aluminum case.

You will enjoy up to 2 days of service from your smartwatch with a single charge. (May vary on the use of different features). But from this renewed smartwatch, you will get 80% battery performance relative to the new one.

This apple smartwatch series 5 is engineered with compass, navigation technology and it will show your body matrix just right on your wrist.

Though this product is renewed, it looks new and is eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product.

You never find any visible cosmetic imperfection when it is on your wrist. The accessories of this smartwatch may not be original but it is fully functional. You will get this product in a genetic box.
You will get a SIM removal tool, charger, and a charger cable in a box. You won’t get headphones and a SIM card.

This smartwatch is not apple certified but professionally inspected and tested by Amazon suppliers.

  • Looks like new
  • No imperfection
  • Better battery capacity
  • Charger and charging cable included
  • Eligible for 90 days replacement or refund
  • Doesn’t work with Android
  • Available only silver color

Garmin Venu 2S smartwatch

Garmin venu 2s smartwatch is a super durable gadget for every use. It is engineered with an AMOLED display which enables Venu 2S to live even under bright sunlight. It is built with a durable corning gorilla glass 3, stainless steel bezel, and a comfortable silicone band. It’s ready for regular rough use.

Know all your health matrices right on your wrist. Get your heart rate and keep your eyes on your stress level, pulse rate, sleep time, and body’s energy level. It will help you to rearrange your schedule.

For women, use this smartwatch to track menstrual cycles or pregnancy, connecting to the Garmin app. You can monitor your symptoms, exercise routine, and get proper nutrition with the Women’s Health Tracking app.

This smart gadget will track your indoor and outdoor workouts and sports. It will detect your every move with 25 built-in GPS more accurately. Use this smartwatch to keep track of your movement during walking, running, cycling, swimming, golf, and many more. It also helps you reach your next target of 5k, 10k, or half marathon.

In this smartwatch, there are preloaded easy-to-follow exercises, animated cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, and high-intensity interval training (HIT) workouts to motivate you. You can download more from the Garmin connect the app to reach the next level of your fitness.

Connecting with a compatible smartphone, you will receive an email, and text alert right on your wristwatch. You can even respond to the text connecting with your android phone.

You can enjoy music from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music accounts (Subscription required). With the wireless headphone, you can enjoy phone-free listening.

With the Garmin Pay contactless payment, this smartwatch can be a touchless payment solution. (Not available in all countries and check the compatibility before payment).

Under the safety and tracking features, this smart device is able to send your location to your contacts. You can do it manually or send it automatically with the built-in accident detection technology.

From a single charge, you will enjoy up to 10 days of service from the Garmin Venu 2S. This time may vary depending on the features used. Listening to music may require a frequent charge.

  • Lightweight, extremely comfortable
  • Accurate move tracking technology
  • Allowing getting a notification on your wrist
  • Great battery life
  • Expensive
  • No voice assistant supported

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is a very simple design with one button and is comfortable for everyday use.

You can track your 24/7 hours activity and monitor your wellness matrix. Keep your eyes on your heart hare, and sleep stage right on your wrist.

From the smartwatch, use 15 plus exercise modes to record your workouts. You can access your favorite apps for sports, weather, and more.

On your smartwatch, you will get call, text, and app notifications alerts. You can even reply to a text on the android device when your smartphone is away from you. This device is operating at -10 to 60 degrees celsius.

This anodized aluminum body watch is suitable for long-time swimming and has water resistance up to 50 meters.

This smart gadget automatically tracks your movement, including walking, running, swimming, sports, workouts, and more.

It is engineered with corn gorilla glass 3 which makes this device more durable and suitable for everyday use.

From a single charge, you will enjoy 4+ days of services from this device. No need to charge it daily. This time may vary depending on the features used.

Use the Fitbit app to track female health, monitor your period time, record symptoms, and know more about your health.

  • Great battery life
  • Call and text notification right on your wrist
  • Track your 24/7 activity
  • Durable gorilla glass
  • It’s not Alexa working

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is powered by Wear OS by Google and works with iPhone and Android Phones. It is comfortable with a 44 mm case size and 22 mm band size.

The battery of this device will serve you more than 24 hours from a single charge. This time may vary with the features used and updates installed. Its smart charger is charged up to 80% in under an hour.

This smartwatch uses Google Fit to rate your heart rate and tacking activity. With built-in GPS, it can track accurate distance. This smart gadget will track your sleep history and monitor your restfulness and set sleep goals for your better health.

This device is designed to be on always which makes it easy to know the time without touching the device. With the thousands of watch faces, you can personalize your look.

This smartwatch will notify you whenever you get a call, text, or app notification. You can make a call directly from your wristwatch—no chance of missing any call or text.

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is compatible with phones running the latest Android or iOS. It’s not working with Google go edition or phones without the Google play store.

  • Gorgeous looking
  • Full track of your health matrix
  • Swimproof
  • No chance of missing any call
  • Not working with voice assistant

Apple Watch SE

Whenever we talk about the Apple watch, it’s always full of satisfaction. Apple Watch SE is full of features at an affordable price. You will get an advanced retina display, next-gen fitness tracking sensor, and powerful health and safety features in this smartwatch.

This smart device will precisely track your daily activity and monitor your all ways of workout even underwater. It will track your workouts data, including walking, running, HIIT, yoga, dance, and more.

Built-in cellular technology allows you to get calls, send texts, stream Apple music, and talk to Siri (Voice assistant) even when your phone is not with you.

This Apple Watch SE accurately tracks your heart rate and will notify you of high or low heart rate or any abnormalities.

Under the safety features, it can detect any unwanted incident and connect you with emergency service when you need it.

This smartwatch features a sleep app with which you can meet your daily sleep goals each night so you can live a healthier life.

With the 44 mm (Same size as Series 6) retina always-on display, you can check the time at a glance. It’s possible to customize your display face by adding various apps to display.

You will get 18 hours of performance after an overnight charge. This time is for checking the time, receiving notifications, using apps, and doing a 60 min workout.

  • Accurate body matrix
  • Comfortable
  • Gorgeous look
  • Act as your fitness assistant
  • Not compatible with Android
  • 18 hours battery life is not enough for some users

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 40MM) (Renewed)

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) is designed with an always-on Retina display that never sleeps. So, it’s easy to check the time or other information on your wrist. To reduce battery consumption, the display dims automatically when your wrist is down, yet all the key features remain visible all the time.

It is engineered with an ultra-low-power LTPO display. The new low power display and ultra-efficient power management work together to reduce battery consumption, ensuring 18 hours of battery life.

A built-in magnetometer helps to detect the accurate face on the map which makes the compass more precise. Built-in GPS works to let you know the current elevation which is helpful for outdoor activity.

This smartwatch featured the ECG app to generate an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. It will provide critical data on your health.

This device can detect your high or low heart rate and notify you if there detect any abnormalities.

This apple watch monitors your daily movement: Move, Exercise and Stand. Together they create progress data all day long. It will motivate you with personal coaching, awards, and activity competitions.

With the cellular technology on your wristwatch, you can call, text, and check your mail. Even no need to carry your phone.

This apple watch allows you to make an emergency call almost anywhere in the world. Just press and hold the side button to connect to the help you need. It works even if you are away from your phone.

This product is renewed; not certified by Apple but it looks new. There is no visible imperfection when you hold on to your wrist.

Though this smartwatch is not apple certified, it is tested and inspected by Amazon-qualified suppliers.

Though this product is not new, you will enjoy at least 80% (Almost 14+ hours from a single charge) battery capacity relative to new.

All of the accessories are fully functional. You will get a SIM removal, a charger, and a charging cable in a packet.

  • Looks like a new
  • Gorgeous look
  • Track all your body matrix
  • 90 days replaced or refunded guarantee
  • It’s not apple certified
  • Not compatible with the android device


We are at the end of the writing. I hope, now you can choose the best smartwatch for under $350 for your wrist. Here we have reviewed the 12 best smartwatches from the current market and showcased all the essential features to help you to buy a smartwatch. I think it will help you.

Take a look over the whole writing and choose one which suits you most. Don’t forget to let us know about your chosen smartwatch.

Von Voyage.

N.B.: Smartwatch is not any medical device. These devices should not be used for the diagnosis of diseases. If you find any abnormalities in your health matrix, you can consult the doctor.

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