The Ultimate Guide to the Best Smartwatch for Android in 2024

Best Smartwatch for Android

Having a smart home is fun and adding new gadgets to it every day can make you cheerier. And that brings us to the smartwatch sector! Do you have a smartwatch? Or are you planning to buy one?

Even if you have one, there’s nothing wrong to get another, right? And if you are a user of an Android smartphone, we have some suggestions for you!

Here’s a list of the best smartwatches for Android that can help you make life easier, comfortable, and smarter!

Top 8 Smartwatches for Android

Keep the heart rate notes and work on your sleep cycle with the top smartwatches for Android! Check out the best from the crowd and you will see yourself drooling over them!

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Major Features

  • • Built-in GPS
  • • Built-in sensor
  • • Bluetooth facility added
  • • EDA scan app
  • • Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa compatibility

The name of Fitbit never goes out of style when we are dealing with smartwatches. Yes, this watch keeps you fit as the name says! Available in two different colors, you can pick up according to your favorite. Running the watch for a day, you only need to charge it for 12 minutes. Also, if you charge the battery fully, it will provide you continuous service for 6 days!

It includes the EDA scan app which helps you deal with electrodermal activity. This best smartwatch for Android will just respond to your physique when you are stressed. Every night, the built-in skin sensor works. So, you can easily compare if there is anything wrong. You can check the heart’s rhythm irregularity with atrial fibrillation.

To be worry-free, you can also learn about the heart rate and know when you are not in the normal stage. At night, checking the blood oxygen level is easy with this device too! When you are on the road running/hiking, you can take the help of the built-in GPS and learn about the pace and distance.

And here, you do not need your smartphone at all! Receiving the calls and using the mic via Bluetooth is also an added facility. The device is also Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible!

  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • Check heart rate
  • Can tell pace and distance when on road
  • Includes blood-oxygen information
  • Colors available
  • The watchband is not topnotch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Major Features

  • Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible
  • 7 fitness features
  • Calls, texts, and streaming via the watch
  • Emergency contact facility
  • Android and iOS compatibility

If you are in search of a round smartwatch for your Samsung or any other Android smartphone, you can get this 41mm Galaxy Watch 3. This is the third model by the brand in this series and is quite updated when it comes to the facilities it provides. According to your choice, you can go for any of the four colors available in their list; the connectivity technology covers GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

There are two sizes available in the market along with two different finishes. With this one, you can call and text. And along with this, you can easily settle for streaming music too! Getting any notification from your phone by connecting it to the phone’s Bluetooth is surely going to make your work easy when you are not close to the phone.

The fitness facility is top-notch here, here, seven different fitness technologies are added to keep you fit and ready! Also, it has a sleep tracker that keeps a watch on your sleep cycle and how properly you sleep.

From your stress to medication to breathe, it takes care of all! If you are in trouble, you can use your watch to communicate the emergency contacts and easily share your location if required. If you fall when you are working out, it tracks it too! Apart from Android, you can connect it to iOS devices too.

  • Takes care of your sleep cycle
  • Notes down your stress and breathe details
  • Ability to communicate via text and calls
  • Has a feature to stream music during workout
  • Colors, finishes, and sizes available
  • Gets too hot

Garmin VivoActive 4

Major Features

  • LCD added
  • Body energy monitoring feature
  • Sleep monitoring facility
  • Notifications via phone

• Compatible with both Android and iOS

Another smartwatch that’s going to blow your mind is this Garmin Vivo Active 4 with two different colors and two different sizes for your convenience. The screen size of the watch is 1.3 inches and there are buttons added for command. The LCD and the body energy monitoring facility make it one of the trending watches of this time.

The best part of this watch is you get advanced fitness features at a very affordable price. This is the fourth release of the series and in this release; the brand has improved fitness tracking features! The body is compact and easy to carry. The better controls with the sleep tracking facility let you know how you are sleeping every night or if you’re stressed or not!

The GPS monitoring and motion tracking feature for your exercise helps you know about the roads when you’re running or hiking. Android users love it but it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It affords you offline music so that you can work out with find. Whenever there is a new message or call or mail, the watch alerts you! You can charge it up and enjoy the battery for eight days! So, the battery is topnotch too!

  • GPS tracker for workout
  • Compact design
  • Offline music streaming
  • Affordable price
  • Available colors and sizes
  • Very small buttons, tough to press

Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

Major Features

  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • LCD with anti-fingerprint coats
  • Notifications and alerts via smartphone
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

It is time you check your heart rate the whole day if you want to stay fit! And this is when the name of Amazfit Bip comes in. This smartwatch by the brand has a 45-day battery life! With the Bluetooth facility added, you can get the device in 10 different colors and finishes! So, there is room for all here! This works on any Android device of 4.4 or above. Also, you can make it work with your iOS devices too. The battery is of lithium polymer and it provides a 190mAh charge.

It consumes low power and for a charge, it keeps awakes for a very long period. It has a GPS function of 22 hours always-on and will support four different modes. No matter you are going for an outdoor workout or indoor, it will give you detailed sports tracking. From the duration to the pace and maximum speed to the distance and heart rates, it gives you all the information you need regarding your fitness. Even in the outdoor, the display will be clear and visible no matter how much light the outdoor is.

The display is designed with 2.5D corning glass and includes an anti-fingerprint coating. Along with this, you will be able to receive calls and texts with this watch. Attending any meeting hands-free is not tough with this watch anymore! It will provide you details of daily steps along with the calorie to keep your updates and excited to work more!

  • Tracks sleep and stress
  • Keeps updates of heart rate
  • Always-on display included
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Doesn’t display emojis

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Major Features

  • Compact and slim design
  • 15 exercise modes
  • Available calls, texts, and alerts
  • Bluetooth and GPS facility
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phones

Another Fitbit amazing Smartwatch is the Versa series’ first release. This comes in two different colors and finishes. The screen size if 3 inches and it is Bluetooth compatible. This tracker has a lightweight design easy to carry with a sleek and slim outlook. You can track all your activity in this watch along with the heart rate and sleep cycles.

Once you charge it fully, it will serve you for more or less four days. It includes 15 different exercise modes. The best part is it is water-resistant. But this only works for 50 meters of water. You can add this to your smartphone and get necessary notifications like calls and texts. Also, the app alerts are available here. This is an Android smartwatch but you can use this one with iOS and also the Windows Phones. You can also send quick replies with this one!

But in such situations, you can only avail this feature for your Android phones. You can record your workouts with this one. Also, if you want a more precise experience regarding the workout, you can add it to your phone’s GPS! This is amazing for men and works great for women as this includes the period tracking facility and the symptoms!

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quick reply feature for Android
  • Can track period
  • Resistant to water up to 50m
  • 3 inches screen
  • Takes time to setup

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Major Features

  • Built-in GPS
  • Sleep and heart tracking
  • Several apps facility
  • Receives calls and texts
  • Compatible with Android

Fossil is a top-class company when it comes to watches and even in the list of smartwatches we recommend to our readers, we never forget the name of Fossil. This smartwatch looks better than most of the smartwatches in the market and is available in six different color forms for users. If you charge it once, it will give you more than 24 hours of service.

It comes with a USB cable and also a magnetic charger. The magnetic charge is capable of spinning 360 degrees and it makes it comfortable to use! This Android-compatible watch can check on your health by checking your heart rate and activity. It uses the power of Google Fit to do it. Along with this, there is a built-in GPS so that you can track better! Even if you wear this device and swim, it will stay the same! With the sleep tracking facility, you can learn how good you sleep and it also helps you set your sleep goals!

There are tons of apps available here includes fitness to payments to social to news to music, etc. Whenever you get a call on your smartphone or just a text, you can rely on the watch. You will never miss any of them! The smart sensing along with the superior connectivity makes it one of the most hyped smartwatches by Fossil.

  • Has easy use the magnetic charger
  • Can set sleep goals
  • Comes with speakers
  • Auto brightness and water-resistance feature
  • Available colors and finishes
  • Weak battery performance

Fitbit Versa 3

Major Features

  • Built-in GPS
  • Receives calls, texts, and alerts
  • Check heart rate
  • Works on blood oxygen and sleep cycle
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistance

We have talked enough of the Fitbit Versa and that takes us to their latter release, the Versa 3 from the same series. The Android-friendly smartwatch by the brand has built-in GPS. This comes in one size with two different-sized belts. It tracks down your heart rate 24/7 and so, you can always make the right decision checking how your health is.

With the sleep monitor, you can easily track sleep and set up a perfect routine for sleeping. Along with this, it keeps you updated about all your fitness facts. In the Fitbit app, you can easily learn about the intensity of your workout. With other features, you can check your blood oxygen levels here too!

It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can control your smart home via a watch without searching for your phone! It has a built-in mic along with the speakers. You can receive calls, texts, and alerts and have fun with your favorite music while working out!

  • Notifies about sleep and heart rate disorder
  • Works with smart home services
  • Includes built-in mic and speakers
  • Notifies about the workout intensity
  • Music streaming facility included
  • Uncomfortable band

Honor Magic Watch 2

Major Features

  • 24/7 heart rate checking
  • Swimming heart rate checking
  • Stress, sleep and breathe tracking
  • 13 running courses
  • Bluetooth calls, texts, and alerts services

If you are in love with fitness trackers, you can try this Honor Magic Watch 2 for Android devices and this one is loved by the users! This provides you continuous heart rate monitoring. From the calorie consumption to the usual rate, it tells you everything. Also, if there is any sign of warning, it warns you by vibrating! The heart rate tracker even works underwater.

The watch helps you learn about your oxygen saturation levels too so that you know if you are coping with the workout or not. The Breathe and Stress testing facility help you how you can breathe better and be healthy! Along with these fitness facilities, there are Bluetooth calling and texting features added here. You can answer texts and calls and also check the notifications and other alerts from other apps via this watch.

If you are working out and you need some music, you can also settle for this one. You can go for the speaker or the headset will work too! Here, you can store photos and when you raise your wrist, the photos you have kept here will be visible!

  • Warns when the heart rate goes wrong
  • Oxygen saturation level alerts
  • Remote phone finder
  • Music streaming facility added
  • Speakers and headset both allowed
  • Personalize watch photos
  • Requires software improvements

FAQs on Smartwatches for Android

Can you use a Smartwatch with an Android phone?

Yes, you can use a Smartwatch with your Android phone just like the iOS and the Windows Phone. All you need to do is download the app of the smartwatch you are using and connect the watch with the app. In this manner, you can easily connect the watch to the Android phone and enjoy the fitness facilities along with features of calling, texting, and voice commanding with the help of the watch!

Can you use Smartwatch without a phone?

Yes, you can use your favorite smartwatch without the help of a phone. This feature is available in the most newly released smartwatches. What you need to do is connect them to your Wi-Fi network. The new Samsung watches along with Apple’s watches are capable of doing this job. You do not need to connect it to the Bluetooth of your phone to work with it!

Can you answer a phone call on the smartwatch for android?

Most of the smartwatches of these times include built-in speakers. On the other hand, some of them also include the facility of using a headset. Whatever you have, you can easily receive the call through your smartwatch and talk! Along with this, you can text and stream music if you want!

What is the best smartwatch app for Android?

The best smartwatch app for Android is Google Fit because it tracks your steps, calories burned, and miles walked. It also has a goal-setting feature that encourages you to stay active. Another cool thing about the app is that it can track how much time you spend in certain zones or areas on a map.

You can share your fitness data with friends and family through Google Fit’s social features. With this app, you’ll be able to see how well you’re doing compared to other people who use the same app.

And finally, one of the benefits of using Google Fit is that if your phone dies while out running around town then this will still keep track of all those stats for you!

Wrap Up

It’s not a new thing that people that are concerned about their fitness love to wear smartwatches. They are not only great for the fitness freaks but also for the ones that want to make their life easier and convenient!

All of the smartwatches mentioned above are just the right deal for any Android user. All you need is to check if the watch fits the phone or not and you are ready to enjoy its features!

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