The 5 Secrets to Getting Longer Battery Life for Your Military Drone

Military drones are a useful tool for military personnel because they provide them with the ability to see what is happening in areas that soldiers cannot. Military drones can be used as surveillance machines, and their battery life is very important. Military drone battery life determines how long you can use your drone before it needs to be recharged or replaced. In this blog post, we will discuss two secrets about getting longer battery life for your military drone!

Tips to Improve Military Drone Battery Life:

  • Fly Your Military Drone During the Right Times of Day. For example, you should not fly your drone at night because it will use more battery power than if you were to take off during the day. This is due to many factors including an increase in turbulence and air pressure as well as colder temperatures being worse for batteries.
  • Get Military Drones with Better Batteries. The main way that military drones are able to stay aloft without having their batteries die out too quickly is by using larger cells or better technology within those cells so they can store up enough energy for longer flights. There are different types of lithium-ion batteries available on the market today, but some have a shorter life span than others. Military drones that are currently in the field use a variety of lithium-ion battery types, including cobalt oxide and manganese spinel cells. While these batteries will work for military purposes, if you’re going to be flying your drone more often or at longer distances then you’ll want to consider upgrading with better technology.

The following infographic from Natick Soldier Center contains valuable information about how long different kinds of UAVs can stay aloft when powered by certain types of batteries:


We’ve told you the 5 secrets to getting longer battery life for your military drone, but we want to know what YOU think. Leave a comment and tell us if these tips helped or not and why!

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