Best Drone for a Teenager: Top 3 Picks & Ultimate Guide

best drone for a teenager

There are a vast amount of different drones with distinguished styles, outstanding features that are suitable for teenagers out there. Choosing the best drone with an affordable price and enough features to play around with is a long and picky process. Here, I will share with you my top list of best drone for a teenager, check it out.

Force 1 Drones with Camera

This is one of the highly recommended drones for beginners. With a light body, WiFi connected, a 720p HD camera, sparkling LEDs at night, it will definitely catch the minors’ eyes from the first look.

It is very convenient that the drone provides both a physical remote controller and a stimulating controller on your phones via an app on App Store and Google Play. You can view the scenery up to 160 feet that this drone records on your phone and save it for later.

I think this will be the perfect drone for teenagers who love to explore and edit videos. The drone comes with 3 batteries, but only one is needed so you can still recharge the others while flying.

We don’t want the run out of battery problems to interrupt us, do we?

It has 2 flying modes from slow to fast. I know there are people who bought drones that are scary-fast that they lost their drones from the first flight.

This is not something you need to worry about with the Force 1 Drone. The price is reasonable at the moment for this amazing drone.

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Hubsan X4 H501SS Pro Version

Let’s upgrade to a pro drone with a 1080p HD camera and more cool key features for teenagers. From the outside, the drone offers 2 basic colors: black and white with gold details that look so hype when it flies in the sky.

By applying the GPS module into the H501SS Pro, it now can provide several modes that are hard to find in other drones. First, the “follow me” and the “orbiting” modes allow it to track down the transmitter and fly all the way along or circling around you as your personal photographer.

This feature might be useful for teenagers on journeys when you’re riding and moving from places to places. Then, the quadcopter has the “automatic return home” mode, self-operating when the drone flies too far and loses connection with the transmitter.

There is also a 4.3 inch LCD screen on the controller. The battery runs smoothly for about 20 minutes then it will take about an hour to recharge. This drone weighs 3.3 pounds and it can fly up to 820 feet (about 250 meters).

Make sure you check out some YouTube videos for a clear understanding of your dope drone before your first take off.

DROCON Ninja Drone: Best Drone for a Teenager

Our third drone has a minimal and sporty look for teenagers who love workouts and traveling. It can fold down into a compact shape, very convenient to carry around. A 720P HD camera with an adjustable 120-degree allows capturing pictures from various angles.

Its video resolution is 1280x720p, giving you the best videos of your experience with the surroundings. The Drocon Ninja provides a lot of key features for a stable and under control experience such as the “Altitude Hold” mode, freezing to take pictures; an easy way to start or end a journey by One key Take-off/Landing.

Connected to mobile devices through an app, the drone will lean toward the direction as you move your phone like when you’re driving a car in a racing game.

What a cool feature! Plus, you can save the incredible scenery pictures right after you took it and share the best shots on your social media. However, the flying time is just around 10 minutes with a 60 minutes charging.

It comes with the original price of $59.99 for the full package. With easy instruction and simple to use, the Drocon Ninja is one of the best drone for teenagers.

These drones are best drone for a teenager with reasonable prices and excellent, high-tech features. This could be a present for others at Christmas holidays, on their birthdays or graduation. Let’s the drone operation begins!

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