Best Gaming Headsets In March 2024

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Listening and speaking with clarity is vital if you want to enjoy your gaming life to the best. Yes, we agree that your gaming speakers are great for making a room full of loud and high bass while playing. But what will you do if you are going to play with friends?

With a room full of gamers, you cannot use a speaker to relish the gaming experience. And so, to keep the clarity of your mic and to listen better, we recommend you the gaming headsets! These come with a mic, earpads, and headband. You can go for both wired and wireless versions.

Yes, there are numerous brands of gaming headsets to confuse you. So, we decided that we will be your savior and take you on a tour of the best gaming headsets!

Top 10 Gaming Headsets

No, not all headsets will provide you the same result. For this, you have to do some research. No worries, we have done it for you already! All you need is to skim through these and pick up one!

SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Gaming Headset

Whenever it comes to the utmost audio experience with the PlayStation 5, the first name that comes on our list is this SteelSeries gaming headset. No matter you are dealing with PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can always get your hand on this one.

As the name says, it has a steel body frame. Along with this, the elasticated strap is adjustable. So, no worries about fitting the kit perfectly to your head! You will surely have more control over the sound if you are with it. Also, operating the mic will be comfortable for the intuitively placed ear cups. Never worry about the setup because it has a USB-C dongle added.

So, eventually, you are free to use the headset with PC, Android and Nintendo Switch too! That makes it a versatile piece for sure! The audio quality is top-notch with the punchy sound. We recommend this one more for the gamers than the music lovers. And not to mention, the battery life is long-term too.

  • • Top-notch crisp sound
  • • Easy setup and operation
  • • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • • Durable battery life
  • • ClearCast mic added (Discord certified)
  • • No Bluetooth facility

ASUS ROG Delta S Gaming Headset

Another gaming headset loved by gamers is the ASUS ROG Delta one that includes a detachable unidirectional boom mic. The headset will be compatible with PC and MAC along with the Android and iOS devices. Also, you can work with the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch with this one! Keep in mind that it is not a wireless headset but for the compatibility it offers, customers love it!

It is highly comfortable to wear if you need to sit for a long period of gaming sessions. Host of gadgets will help it work! Whether you are settling with this one for your game or listening to some music, you can always listen to the top-notch quality! It is recommended for intense gaming sessions especially. The battery life on the other hand will also afford you durable service. It comes with a versatile USB Type-C dongle. So, it makes it easy for anyone to use it!

The ClearCast mic added to it is Discord-certified. However, you must remember that this headset’s customization and equalizer software are only available for Windows. Before buying it, make sure you know every detail about it! Another thing that some users complain about is the onboard control facility. It has a limited onboard control facility. But if you look at the performance and quality, you cannot ignore buying it!

  • • Compatible with several devices
  • • Comfortable fitment
  • • Both for gaming and music
  • • USC Type-C dongle added
  • • Durable battery-life
  • • ClearCast Mic included (Discord-certified)
  • • On-board control are limited

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

And if you are in search of a premium headset that has the wireless facilities included, nothing can beat the HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming headset! If you look at the build quality, it is impressive. Along with this, the generous padding makes it a perfect deal when it comes to the comfort of using a gaming headset. The mic is very clear too!

It comes in two different colors, red and gunmetal so that you can pick it up according to your preference. For the assurance of comfort Signature HyperX premium memory foam is added. These are lightweight but durable! The frame is constructed with aluminum. No matter you play games the whole day or not, this will serve you for years!

The adjustable feature allowed you to use this one as a perfect fit, not loose and not tight! The microphone is also detachable and it includes an LED mute indicator. And this is how you know when the mic is muted! The HyperX Cloud II is compatible with PC, PS4 system, and also with Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is plug in the USB and you are ready to have fun!

The built-in mic monitoring facility allows you to listen to your voice. So, you are not going to be too loud in excitement! Once you charge it fully, it will almost last 30 hours or more! So, you are getting amazing performance and comfort both with it! The same version is also available in a wired version, if you want, you can check it out too!

  • • Compatible with PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch
  • • Impressive built-quality
  • • Aluminum frame construction
  • • Premium memory padding for comfort
  • • Built-in mic with detachable mic
  • • Available in two colors
  • • The bass is average

Razer Blackshark V2

Sometimes, you don’t like to wireless feature and this is you must try your luck with the Razer Blackshark V2. It is one of the best-wired gaming headsets in the market now. From the performance to the sound, quality to the durability, everything will amaze you! To keep the mid, trembles, and bass separate, three discrete ports are added here.

With the restrained styling with the comfort it provides, you will not get such good quality elsewhere. It is tuned so that it can deal with focused voice pickup. The cushions on the other hand that is added here are gel-infused. Some people worry a lot about overheating. But with this Razer Blackshark V2, you will stay as cool as the shark remains underwater!

And also, there will be no pressure build-up at all! The audio enhancer DAC will be connected through the USB connector. If you prefer better performance, you are surely getting your hands on it! Another amazing fact is, here, you get a detachable noise-canceling mic.

So, the noise around you will not disturb the game at all! The in-line cable controls are there to help you throughout your game! And the last thing we want to talk about is the price point! Yes, you are going to get it at a very reasonable price!

  • • Wired headset facility
  • • Three separate discrete ports added
  • • No overheating issues
  • • Includes noise-canceling detachable mic
  • • In-line cable controls
  • • Focused voice pickup
  • • Affordable
  • • Tough to deal with wires

Corsair HS60 Haptic

Just like the Razer Blackshark V2, another amazing wired option for you is the Corsair HS60 haptic headset. It doesn’t only provide you excellent sound but also afford you the noise-canceling facility. This is a Discord-certified headset. So, you already know this one is chosen specially for improving your gaming performance!

The connector type and headphones jack is USB. The haptic bass and the traction technology make it one of the most wanted headsets in the market. The reason is it can provide you a wider range of perceptible frequencies that are of low-end.

You will get neodymium audio drivers of 50mm. These are custom-tuned. And no matter how noisy the battlefield is, you are going to listen to every bit of it! For gamers that want to go for multiplayer campaigns with their friends, we recommend this best gaming headset for you! With the top-notch quality, you might expect the price to be too high but it isn’t. Yes, it is not the cheapest headset in the market.

But it is not the most expensive one too! Once you complete a gaming session with it, you will know it is value for money! The only thing that might bother you is there is no Bluetooth and also no wireless radio connection. If you do not need them if you love the wired facility, isn’t it! The construction is high-grade too. If you want your headset to last long, you can rely on this one. It will not disappoint you!

  • • Wired headset facility
  • • Haptic bass with a traction technology
  • • Noise-canceling mic
  • • Clear sound
  • • A wider range of perceptible frequencies
  • • Great for multiplayer
  • • Average priced
  • • Not Bluetooth or wireless facility

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Headset

Who doesn’t know the name of Logitech headsets! Yes, this company is known as one of the most famous companies for your gaming needs. And this wireless headset by the brand is loved by the users too! We cannot argue about the sound quality of the device because of its award-winning headset design.

For the construction, the brand has used an aluminum fork along with a steel headband. So, in short, it is built to last for a long period! The earpads are designed with soft memory foam. This ensured comfort. Along with this, you will get passive noise-canceling soft and breathable velour with it! It has 50mm drivers that provide clear sound when you are in a game.

With the precision in audio along with the wireless freedom, you will enjoy every technical feature this headset offers. The Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed Headset is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4. Here, you will deal with USB wireless stereo sound.

On the contrary, you can enjoy it with Nintendo Switch (Wireless stereo sound with docked.) However, the mic is not that high-grade compared to the sound. If you are ready to compromise a little, you can get to listen more than you need with this headset!

  • • Compatible with PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch
  • • Soft memory foam ear pads
  • • Aluminum fork and steel construction
  • • Passive noise-canceling features
  • • Award-winning headset
  • • Elevated sound quality
  • • Average mic

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT

Yes, we will talk about another Corsair headset but this one is for wireless lovers! From the long-term battery life to the high fidelity, everything will mesmerize you as it did to us! The construction and design are done with precision. The wide device compatibility makes it usable for almost every gamer. It has a 3.5mm wired facility along with a USB wired facility.

And most importantly, you can go for Slipstream wireless facility too! To afford the ultimate vocal clarity, it has broadcast-grade vocal features. The microphone that comes with it is detachable. So, you are going to enjoy the exceptional dynamic range with the proper mic facility!

The aluminum construction made its study but also kept it lightweight. Wearing it will only provide you comfort as if you are wearing nothing! The earpads are designed with premium memory foam to ensure ease. This headband on the other hand is also pillow-soft.

So, you won’t be bothered much wearing it continuously for the whole gaming period! According to the users, it has uncompromising sound quality with the double frequency range and immersive 7.1 Surround sound. The hassle-free use makes it one of the most picked up wireless headsets in the stores now!

  • • Wireless headset facility
  • • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • • High fidelity sound feature
  • • Aluminum construction
  • • Memory foam earpads for comfort
  • • Pillow-soft headband for relaxing sessions
  • • Detachable mic
  • • Ultimate voice clarity
  • • The battery life is short

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Headset

Wired headset gamers will surely know the name of the BeyerDynamic gaming headset because the product is worth your money! With this, you can select your sound profile and enjoy the high-grade mic. There are six design covers available here. For PC and console, there is a wired remote control feature. The headphones are made of spring steel.

On the other hand, the headband is comfortable too. The earpads are designed for providing long-term comfort throughout the gaming session. The closed stereo headset is the perfect deal for multi-media and gaming operations. For different gaming environments, you will get four sound profiles. And as we have mentioned above, you can choose according to your requirement!

The detachable remote control cable comes with it. And there is a ¼-inch jack adapter added too! The voice quality of the microphone isn’t something that can be described with words. You can position it precisely. And then, the fitment is accurate too! To suppress the background noise, this comes with pop protection. Also, the cardioid polar pattern is there to help a little more!

So, even in the louder environments, you can freely enjoy your game without any disturbance! This set provides you the utmost control. If you are getting a call when you are playing the game, even there you get the control too! Here, muting the microphone is easier and quicker than any other headset in the market!

  • • Wired remote control headset
  • • Spring steel headphones
  • • Comfortable earpads and headband
  • • Four sound profiles to choose
  • • Comes with a jack adapter
  • • Suppresses background sound
  • • Easy muting facility
  • • Expensive

FAQs on Gaming Headsets

Are gaming headphones better?

When it comes to gaming, both headphones and speakers are cherished. But yes, not both of them are good for everybody. If you are a single player playing in a room alone, you can enjoy the gaming more with the speakers. But what if you are not alone? Or what can you do for multi-player games? Yes, this is where the gaming headphones or headsets come in! For a noisy place with multiple players, the best thing that can keep your concentration and vocal clear is a gaming headset!

Can I use gaming headsets to listen to music?

If you are just a standard music lover, yes, you can enjoy music with a gaming headset. But if you are a freak for music, then we recommend you to get a music headset for it. When you are working with a gaming headset, you must know that it will provide more emphasis on bass. But the same headset, if used for music, the sound will be tiring. However, there are headsets in the market that have both the features of being a gaming and music headset, go for them!

Does the gaming headset have bass?

To afford you the ultimate experience of gaming, the gaming headsets often come with only the high bass. However, you might want to enjoy the sweeping scores too! Along with this, the orchestral pieces are a thing to love, right? If you need these too, make sure you get balanced audio. In that case, the headsets that have the options for switching bass profiles can afford you the tranquility of mind!

Wrap Up

No gamer in this world doesn’t like to listen to the high bass while enjoying their game to the fullest. When speakers can do an amazing job, they experience the game closely, headsets are far better. And you can pick up any of the best gaming headsets mentioned above!

They are not only good for the names of their brand but also their performance, sturdiness, sound quality, vocal features, and outlook! Be it wired or wireless, it depends on you and your comfort zone!

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