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best Gaming Mouse

In the list of gaming mice, now, the competition is even harder than before! From the palm grip to the claw grip, weight to the DPI sensors, acceleration to the control speed, and tracking performance to the jitter-you need everything best when you’re on a game! And if you want to be a pro gamer, the best gaming mouse isn’t the easiest to choose!

Who wants a mouse that lags or is bad at multitasking! If you are about to invest, invest in something worth your money and reputation in the gaming world! For your convenience, we have done a little gymming on the best mice for gaming according to the users and the pro gamers. And we have concluded with a list of the ideal ones! Want to know about them!

Top 8 Best Gaming Mouse

From the hundreds of gaming mice brands, if you need to pick up one, you have to go through thousands of mice! To narrow down your choice, we have got a list to aid you! Keep your eyes right on the screen!

Best For Product name Check Latest Price
The cleanest designLogitech G Pro WirelessIn Amazon
The best from our opinionRazer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse In Amazon
The most stylish oneRazer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Mouse In Amazon
Best for larger handsCorsair Ironclaw Gaming Mouse In Amazon
The best value for moneyLogitech G G203 Wired Gaming Mouse In Amazon
The best performanceRazer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse In Amazon

Logitech G G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

Who doesn’t want an incredible gaming mouse at a reasonable price? The name of Logitech is quite popular among gamers. But you can get a Logitech gaming mouse at a reasonable price compared to the others too!

This G203 one by the brand is a right-handed gaming mouse and it provides you a great shape. If you are into smaller mice, you can never skip this one!

The DPI is 8000 where it has a USB sensor. There are 6 different buttons classic added with it. This optical sensor mouse has four different colors available in the market.

Also, you will get RGB lighting across three different zones here. The best part is you can pick according to your preference when it comes to vibrant animations. You can choose the game and media-driven settings here too. The metal spring button tensioning ensures consistent crisp.

The DPI cycle button has 5 different pre-set sensitively levels added. With this one, you can go from pixel-targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers.

The primary buttons added to it are tensioned and are mechanical. Durable metal springs are added to make them sturdy. With this one, you can play the game comfortably with the utmost control.

As we have told you before, it has six buttons; you can customize the buttons too. If you want a mouse that responds precisely to the movements, this is the best deal you can go for!

  • Comes with 6 customizable buttons
  • Right-handed mouse
  • USB interface
  • Optical sensor mouse
  • 8000 DPI
  • DPI cycle button with 5 preset sensitivity levels
  • Tensioned and mechanical primary buttons
  • Not top-notch buttons

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

If you ask us about the best gaming mouse that is trending now, we will recommend you the Razer one first. You get the mouse in a classic black color with optical movement detection technology.

There are eight different buttons with complete programmable features. From button remapping to the assignment of complex macro functions, you can go for anything you want with this mouse!

If you compare this one with the traditional mechanical switch, you are going wrong. This is three times faster than those! It is designed with light beam-based actuation.

The registering button presses faster than ever! With it comes to industry-leading precision, this one is the best deal for you! It includes customizable Chroma RGB lighting.

So, you get 16.8 million colors along with the preset profiles! You get a 20k optical sensor along with the auto-calibrating facility when it comes to the surfaces!

From lift-off to accuracy, you cannot question anything! This one is rated for more or less 70 million clicks. As this one is an ultra-lightweight mouse, you get swifter and better control. Also, the smoother movement is going to feel you have nothing to fear in the game!

  • Comes with 6 programmable buttons
  • Right-handed mouse
  • Has 20K DPI
  • Optical sensor with the utmost outcome
  • Ultra-lightweight to move swiftly
  • Perfect shape for your claw
  • Goes with a lot of hand sizes
  • Fragile buttons added

Corsair Ironclaw Gaming Mouse

As the name saws, this one is an Ironclaw for you! This mouse is available in both wired and wireless models; you can pick up anyone you like. With the optical movement detection technology, the mouse comes with 7 different buttons.

If you have larger hands, you are going to enjoy the mouse more than the others. It has a higher DPI of 18k and two-zone RGB backlighting. So, you are surely going to face a lot of customizable presets. Eventually, it will match your setup amazingly. The weight of these devices is only 105g.

Yes, it is a little bit weighty to move. But what’s the use of your large hands if it’s not a little cumbersome! For the palm-grips, the perfect contoured shape will mesmerize you! The seven buttons are completely programmable.

Go for key remap and play with the macros. Undoubtedly, you are going to have an outstanding in-game experience with this! You get the power of total sensitivity control. So, ultra-accurate tracking is on your palm now! The Omron switches are highly durable. And these are rated for more or less 50 million clicks!

  • Comes with 7 programmable buttons
  • Right-handed mouse
  • Has 18k DPI
  • Designed for larger hands
  • Contoured palm and hands
  • Responds swiftly with tactile buttons
  • Durable Omron switches
  • Two-zoned RGB backlighting
  • Not too lightweight

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Mouse

The Razer BlackWidow gaming mouse is another mouse by Razer that you cannot forget if you once use it! From the durable construction to the performance, everything will amaze you!

The best part is it is rated to 80 million clicks! So, you can use it for longer than you use another mouse! Now, let’s talk about basic construction.

It is made of military-grade metal. The top place is made of the same material. As a result, it is very sturdy and long-lasting. When it comes to speed, you cannot rely more on this one!

The mechanical switch has zero compromises for speed. Also, the accuracy is highly ensured with this one. With the tactile feedback, you will get the personalized experiences here!

When you are playing a game, you need the mouse to be quick yet quiet. This one will provide you both of them! With the speed, you are going to enjoy a quieter performance!

So, nothing is going to ruin the game’s sound anymore! The wrist rest of this one has an ergonomic design.

On the other hand, for long-term games, you need comfort too! With the plush leatherette, you will get the cozy feeling even if you use it for a long period! To remap and execute complex commands, there is a Hypershift facility added.

  • Provides tactile feedback
  • Complete personalized experiences
  • Quicker and quieter performance
  • Zero-compromise accuracy and speed
  • Military-grade construction
  • Plush leatherette for comfort
  • Too expensive

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

If you plan to settle for the SteelSeries brand, we recommend you test the 310 one first. You can find this gaming mouse both in wired and wireless versions.

The optical movement detection technology along with the compatibility it provides-everything will amaze you! It has a DPI of 12000 with a 1-to-1 tracking esports sensor!

The Prism RGB illumination is two-zoned. And the best part is it has customizable lighting! You can customize it and save the settings to the Sensei 310.

It goes with Windows, Mac, and Linux. No matter how long you use it, the mouse will afford better service! It is rated for more or less 50 million clicks. Another amazing fact is the device comes with 8 different buttons available for you.

On the other hand, the lightweight nature is surely going to grab your attention. The lighter the mouse is, the easier and swifter the performance and turns will be when you are in the game.

The fact that will interest you more is no matter you are a left-handed person or a right-handed person, you can use it comfortably! The plastic shell Sensei mouse has is a gripper than the other one.

We recommend this one for the people that have sweaty hands! The tweaked thumb button will help your upward presses easily. It will ensure you do not go for pinky clicks in this case too. Then mouse is small, so before you buy, check it directly!

  • Comes with 8 programmable buttons
  • Has 12000 DPI
  • Both for left-handed and right-handed people
  • Lightweight design for easy movements
  • Includes plastic shell for the right grip
  • Several device compatibilities
  • Tweaked thumb design
  • No sweaty palm
  • Tough to use software

Razer Naga Pro

This spicy name refers to some spicy job, trust us! With 20k DPI, this Razer Focus + Optical sensor mouse has a USB, Bluetooth, and wireless interface. The mouse is right-handed along with a perfect thumb grip.

The thumb grip is customizable according to your comfort! Also, there are three button arrays added to it! You are going to enjoy the charging Dock Chrome as this one is compatible with it!

When we need to talk about the buttons of this mouse, we take a step back to tell you the details! You should see it yourself! In total, it has 19 + 1 buttons and all of them are programmable.

You get extended controls when you play games now! The interchangeable side plate is added here too! On the other hand, if you are into a beast-looking mouse, you can rely on this one with all your heart.

The wireless version of this mouse is 25% swifter than the other ones available in the market. It has the HyperSpeed wireless technology added. So, you are going to enjoy low-latency freedom with interference reduction!

If you are tired of the traditional mechanical switches, this is where you should settle! The light beam-based actuation along with the quicker button presses makes it the best among the hyped ones!

  • Has 20K DPI
  • Total 19 + 1 programmable buttons added
  • Three-button arrays included
  • Comes with an interchangeable side plate
  • Adjustable thumb grip
  • Swappable side plates
  • Swift and accurate
  • A little heavy

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Are you tired of the wired? Let’s check out the wireless mouse that can afford you durable service along with outstanding performance!

If you search for a wireless mouse, our first suggestion is the Logitech G Pro. With 16K DPI, this mouse has an optical HERO 16K sensor. We all know that the wireless mouse depends on battery power.

So, be ready to welcome the 40+ hour battery power of this Logitech beast!

Yes, no matter you are taking it on a tour or you are just gaming indoor with your friends, you will enjoy it for 40+ hours continuously.

The swappable components of the device make the device versatile! On the other hand, moving this one is swifter for the lightweight nature of the mouse.

  • Has 16k DPI
  • Wireless feature
  • Comes with an optical HERO sensor
  • 40+ hour battery life
  • Swifter and lighter
  • Components are swappable
  • Simple and cool outlook
  • Too expensive

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse

Another gaming mouse with no wires at all that’s going to be as strong as a beast but as smooth as honey is this Viper Hyperspeed gaming mouse by Razer. Yes, we talked a lot about Razer because they are undoubtedly one of the bests in the market now. When you are in search of the best battery life and you ask for a recommendation, we without any other thoughts refer to this one!

Making you amazed, let us tell you this wireless mouse will have a long battery life of 70 hours! For these 70 hours, it will run without any lag and provide you the best gaming experience. On the other hand, when you search for high DPI, this one is the right choice too! It has 20K DPI along with 8 programmable buttons.

It comes in a classic black beast-looking outlook with the 2nd-gen ultra-reliable optical switches. Once you use it, you’ll see zero debounce delay along with zero risks of misclicks! To ensure that it will live long, it has a 70 million clicks rate! It has a shutter-free connection with 99.6% resolution accuracy!

No matter what the surface is, the mouse will use its auto-calibrating feature. You can also customize the lift-off and landing distance here! There are no holes in the mouse. This tidy mouse is lightweight so that it can work quicker than the others!

  • Has 20kDPI
  • Wireless features
  • 70 hours of uninterrupted battery life
  • 2nd-gen ultra-reliable optical switches added
  • Comes with 8 programmable buttons
  • No debounce delay and no misclicks
  • High-resolution accuracy
  • Completely shutter-free
  • Auto calibrating feature with lightweight design
  • The left and right clicks can feel a little fragile

FAQs on Gaming Mouse

What mouse do Pro gamers use?

Not every PRO gamer uses the same mice! But there are some specific brands that the pro gamers use the most! Among them, Logitech is the most popular one. Also, Pro gamers are fond of Razer mice. Besides, the Corsair, the Zowie, and the Vaxee are also some of the best mice

available in the market and are loved by PRO gamers. Not only the gamers but also the user review for this best gaming mouse is amazing!

What DPI do Pro gamers use?

The different mouse has different DPI facility. But if you want to be a professional, you have to check the Dots per Inch of DPI of the mouse you are selecting for gaming.

If you are going for the MMs and RPG games, you will need 1000-1600 DPI. On the contrary, for the shooter games and FPS pick up the ones with 400-1000 DPI. But when you go for MOBA games, always get your hands on 400-800 DPI. In terms of Real-Time strategy games, 1000-12000 DPI is the best range.

In short, the higher the DPI, the more precise your mouse can move while gaming! Pro gamers are fond of 400-800 DPI.

Is Logitech better than Razer?

The competition of Logitech and Razer in the field of mice is something you can’t ignore! But which one is better? Which one do the Pro gamers use? To be straight, in terms of the core functionality and value, we like to lift Logitech a lot higher than Razer. But if your goal is to multitask swifter than ever or compete with the rest of your custom-built PC, no other brand can beat Razer! Now, it’s on you! Which one would you like to go for?

Wrap Up

No matter which game you play, as a gamer, you can always expect your experience to be smoother and swifter! And this is the reason you should never stop the search for the best gaming mouse! A gaming mouse will not only improve your ability to play games better and win but will also improve how you feel when you play! If you check our list out, you will surely find one that fits you better!

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