10 Best Cheap Drones for Photography

Drones have taken the world by storm. They are a cheaper alternative to many other ways of capturing footage, and they provide a whole new way for people to enjoy their surroundings. Best of all, drones can be used as cheap photography drones! In this blog post, we will cover 10 different cheap drones that you can take into the sky with you and use for your photography needs.

Best Cheap Drones for Photography

The first Best cheap drone for photography that we will cover is the DJI Spark. The standout feature about this machine is its size and portability.

It can easily fit into a jacket pocket or purse, allowing you to bring it along with you wherever you go. Additionally, it has GPS capabilities so when in flight mode, there’s no reason not to be able to fly it around your environment without worrying about losing connection due to Wi-Fi interference or other factors outside of your control.

For less than 500 dollars, the DJI spark functions as an excellent Best cheap camera drone with fantastic features like object avoidance and a return to home function.

Another reason why the Best cheap camera drone has become popular is the fact that it can easily be flown indoors without too much worry about damaging property or injuring someone else with your machine.

DJI Mini 2 Ultralight foldable photography drone

DJI Mini 2 lightweight (Only 249 g) camera drone allows you to carry comfortably and it will be your perfect travel companion as a photographer. 

With a powerful signal, this high-quality drone supports up to 10km of HD video transmission without facing interference. 

You will get supper support from the battery performance. It allows you to fly for up to 31 minutes and a maximum altitude of 4000 meters. Even in windy weather or a coastline, it flies perfectly as it has level 5 wind resistance capability. 

With the 4X zoom, you will capture high-quality images without getting too close to the target substance. I think it is highly convenient for the photographer. 

This user-friendly DJI Mini 2 drone allows you to record and shoot professional-level videos with a few taps. You can share your shots directly to social media from the DJI fly app. DJI fly app is compatible with ios v10.0, android v6.0 or above. 


  • Maximum battery support and up to 10km HD video transmission
  • Take off maximum altitude up to 4000 meters
  • Wind resistance technology
  • User-friendly app to control easily
  • High range compatibility 


  • No major issue was found. Hope you will love this drone. 

Ruko F11 Foldable GPS Drones

This smart drone is designed for the photographer with a 90 degree 4K UHD adjustable camera, 120-degree FOV lens and reduces blurriness technology which delivers high-quality clear and stable images.

5GHz FPV transmission up to 25 fps can capture 1614ft wide range stable and smooth video. 

This heavy-duty photography drone is constructed with durable alloy brushless motors and level 7 wind resistance technology which provides fast movement and speed up to 12 m/s. 

The double GPS- one in drones and the other in the controller keeps the drone stable on the right path and delivers a clear image. 

The rechargeable 11.1v 2500mAh battery supports you to fly your drones for up to 30 minutes. Fast heat dissipation, overcharging and overheating protection ensure longer battery life and safe use. 

Built-in 4 LED lights give you the signal of the battery power level and remind you to connect with the charger. No way of missing your drone. 

This intelligent drone offers some interesting features like auto-return home, follow me mode, waypoint flight, point of interest flight and gesture photography with GPS technology. You can select up to 16 points from the app, then the drone will fry following your selected point. Just incredible! 

As a photographer, you can add a 32G (Not included) storage card to capture more photos and videos during your flight. During traveling, you can keep the drone in a strong EVA case (Included) to prevent any damage. 


  • 4K UHD camera, most required for the photographer 
  • Maximum battery support
  • Double GPS 
  • User-friendly app to control
  • Best in this price range


  • No gimbal stabilization, though at this price it’s not close to deal breakers.  

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

The Holy stone HS700D fpv photography drone is engineered with a 4k FHD 90-degree adjustable camera with a 110-degree FOV lens which allows you to capture high-quality photos of your memorable moments. At a lower rate, this drone can be a good start to your photography life. 

Advanced 5G transmission delivers fast and high-quality FPV real-time video from 1640-2600FT away. From the drone app, you can share your captured video to social media directly. It supports up to 32G storage card. 

Most interestingly, with the help of built-in GPS technology, the drone can return home automatically when the battery power is low or if the signal is lost anyhow. With this, you will enjoy “follow me” mode too. 

From the 2800mAh battery, you will enjoy a max of 22 minutes of flying time and the drone will alert you when battery power is low. 

This brushless motor is more powerful and lasts longer than brushed motors. It is simple and user-friendly. You can launch the drone by pressing just one key. 


  • 4k FHD 90 degree adjustable camera which is perfect for the photographer
  • 22 min fry time
  • 5G transmission
  • Auto return home and follow me mode


  • It takes more time than average to charge the battery fully (Almost 5 hours)
  • Some of the users face video quality issues when drone captures moving video

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

Holy stone HS720 foldable drone is perfectly constructed for the photographer with 4k UHD Camera which can capture 3840*2160 high-resolution images and videos. 5GHz transmission and 90-degree adjustable lens enable extra worth to your video capturing. It supports a 32G storage card to capture more photos and videos. 

Built-in GPS technology ensures the “never lose the drone” benefit. This drone returns automatically when the battery power is low or the signal is lost anyhow. 

This smart drone has the function of following your command and it will fly along the path you set. You can even set a command to fly around a point in the cycle. 

Most important for the professional photographer, you will get 26 min fly time from a 2800mAh battery. It consumes less power than brushed motors. 

For its 2.4GHz transmitter, it reaches up to 3000 feet high range. For its strong sensor, it is convenient to control. 


  • UHD camera; 3840*2160 high resolution
  • Low battery consumption; up to 26 min fly time
  • Auto back home technology


  • It takes 5-7 hours to fully charge

Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera

From the Ruko F11 Pro drones, you will enjoy a 4k Ultra HD picture and 2.9k crystal clear video with notable contrast and vivid colors. You will get a wide view from a 120° FOV lens and a 90°  adjustable camera. 

It is built with a 2500mAh battery which will serve 30 min fly time to capture your valuable moment. In a package, you will get the same additional extra battery with 30 min fly time- a total of 60 minutes fly time from 2 batteries. Have more fun! 

This brushless drone is engineered with all advanced technology. You will be able to fly the drone even in windy weather as it has level 7 wind-resistance technology. You can control this drone up to 4000ft and it has 1640ft max HD video transmission.

It is equipped with some attractive intelligent features like follow me mode, point of interest mode (Fly around a point), gesture shoot and tap fly. 

Like most smart drones, it has auto-return home technology. It will come back to the takeoff location if the battery power is low or the signal is lost anyhow. No worries about losing the drone. 

From the manufacturer, you will enjoy a 30 days exchange offer and 90 days of free warranty support. 


  • 4k FHD photo for a photographer 
  • 60 min fly time from 2 battery
  • Auto return home technology
  • Long-range control
  • Level 7 wind resistance technology
  • 90 days warranty with 30 days exchange support


  • Very few users got video quality issues

DJI Mavic Mini Combo photography Drone

DJI Mavic Mini drone is super lightweight with only 250 grams. It is as light as a smartphone in your palm. 

You will get a maximum of 30 min fly time from a fully charged 2600mAh battery. The maximum takeoff altitude is 3000m. 

 This mini drone supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7k HD videos with FOV 83 degree lens. You will enjoy clear ultra-smooth footage from a 3 axis motorized gimbal. 

It is easily controllable with the controller and has a Mavic bag to carry during travel. 


  • Super lightweight as like a smartphone
  • 30 min fry time
  • 12MP aerial photos and 2.7k HD videos
  • Wide range of compatibility


  • The camera quality is not 4k 

Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera

Holy Stone HS120D GPS photography drone is equipped with a 2K UHD 120-degree FOV adjustable FPV camera. You will enjoy 2048*1152P clear footage. 

It is possible to save your footage directly to your smartphone and share it instantly on social media if you want. Have more fun now!

This GPS drone is engineered with all advanced technology. It performs an auto-return home opportunity if the battery power is low or lost signal anyhow. No way of losing your drone. 

Along with auto return home mode, you will enjoy follow me mode, object trace opportunity, custom path (It will follow your pre-set path). 

From two batteries you will get a total of 36 min flying experience of capturing photos and videos. You can control the drone up to 300m. 

This drone is really lightweight-only 250g which saves you from the FAA registry. With this drone, you will get a specially designed drone backpack to carry during travel. 


  • Lightweight; no FAA registry
  • 36 min flying time
  • All advanced technology built including auto return home, follow me mode and custom path. 
  • Easily controllable 


  • The camera is no 4K
  • 300m control range may no enough for some professionals 

Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

From the heavy-duty Holy Stone HS100 drone, you will enjoy a 2K optimized 120-degree FOV and 90-degree adjustable camera to capture aerial photos and videos. 5GHz wifi transmission ensures smooth and clear photos and videos. 

The large body physical structure and powerful motors keep the drone stable even in windy weather. With the included 3500mAh high-performance battery, you will get 18min flying time and you can control this drone up to 1968FT range. 

This drone is equipped with all advanced technology. Auto return home mode enables this to return to the takeoff place when battery power is low or signal lost anyhow. 

In “follow me” mode, it will follow you automatically and capture your movement. 

It’s easy to assemble and control with the perfect high-performing controller. 


  • 2k photos
  • 90-degree angle
  • 18 min fly time
  • 1968 FT control range


  • 2K photos and 18 min fly time is not preferable for the professionals. It’s okay if you are just a beginner. 

SANROCK U52 cheap drone for photography

SANROCK U52 beginner drone is suitable for the newbie drone photographer. It is built with a 1080P HD camera with 90-degree adjustable angle and FPV real-time transmission. 

This captured photo and video will automatically save in your SD card. You can edit and share your photo directly to social media from your iPhone or iPad. 

You can perform 360-degree flips and roll the drone. You can create the exact flying route on the app as you want. 

This drone is engineered with a gravity sensor which enables it to move following your smartphone’s movement and direction. 

Auto hovering technology ensures steady hover at a certain altitude and captures clear and stable photos and videos. 

You will enjoy 10-13 min fly time from a single fully charged battery. It is controllable up to 100m range. 

This drone will alert you if the battery power is low or exceeds the controllable distance of 100m. You just need to press the return home button to back the drone. 

This easily controllable beginner drone performs takeoff and landing automatically responding to a single press on the same key. It is designed with 2-speed mode. Low speed for just beginners and high speed for the expert. 

This RC quadcopter is protected with propeller guards to ensure a safe flight. High-quality ABS material makes this drone study and safe from any shock or sudden drop. 


  • High-quality building materials
  • 1080P HD camera with 90-degree angle
  • Auto hovering
  • Gravity sensor technology
  • Easy controllable for the beginners


  • No auto-return home technology; you have to press the button to come it back when battery power is low
  • Not perfect for the professional photographer; actually made for beginners

Contixo F24 Pro 4K UHD Foldable camera drone

Contixo F24 foldable camera drone is engineered with a 4k UHD camera and captures 2.7K quality video.A  90-degree adjustable camera and 120-degree FOV lens ensure a wide view of your memorable moment. 

You will enjoy up to 30 fly time to capture photos and video from the 2500mAh battery. You can purchase extra batteries to increase the flight time. 

This drone can reach up to 1700 FT to capture images and videos and the control range is about 3600FT. It can hover stably to capture clear images of your valuable memories. 

It is built with a brushless motor which is more strong than brushed motors. Folding capabilities allows you to carry the drone during your travel easily. 

It is designed with all advanced technology like most other advanced drones for the photographer. Equipping auto return home technology, it returns to the takeoff place if the battery power is low or lost connection anyhow. 

Along with auto return home, you will enjoy “follow me” mode (The drone will follow you), point of interest mode (The drone will move following a center point), custom flight path (You can set some fixed point) mode.  


  • 4K UHD camera
  • 30 min fly time from 2500mAh battery
  • Maximum image transmission distance up to 1700 FT
  • All advance GPS technology  like auto return, follow me and custom path
  • Easy foldable and carriable 


  • No major issues found


We hope this article has helped you find the perfect drone for your photography needs. If not, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

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