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Apple is one of the most dominating forces in the tech industry. And when it comes to smartphones, iPhones seem to always be on top of things. So, the general quarry of what is the best smartwatch for the iPhone in 2022 is completely understandable.

Even though you can go to the market, and get any smartwatch that syncs with your iPhone, it is not advised to do so. Because most of them do not offer what you want on your wrist. And that is power, intelligence, flawless sync, and the best value.

The best smartwatch for iPhone must be able to keep you fit, provide you all the necessary information you need while still offering you all the notifications you desire on top of your wrist. Keeping that in mind, today we have come to you with the list of the best smartwatch for the iPhone that will cover all of your smartwatch needs.

Today’s list includes smartwatches for every type of consumer. Whether you are looking for an affordable option for IOS compatible smartwatch to track your health or a premium option with all the bells and whistles, we have got you covered.
So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and check them out.

New Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm)

Just like the iPhone SE, the new Apple watch SE does not have any flagship feature out of the box per se. Yet, this just might be the best purchase you can make when it comes to a smartwatch for your iPhone.

For most people who are out there, looking to buy a smartwatch, this one just might be it. There is an overwhelming amount of good things about this watch. But there are also some things that you should be aware of before making the purchase so you do not feel bad after buying. So, let us check them out.

The first thing to know is, the apple watch SE comes in two different sizes that are exactly similar to the flagship apple watch. That means if you are wearing an SE, no one will notice that you saved 150 to 200 USD on getting the special edition instead of the flagship Apple Watch 6.

The watch has a price tag that will not make your wallet feel empty after the purchase. This bang for the buck price alone makes this smartwatch one of the most popular in the market for the time being.
The apple watch SE unfortunately does not come with an always-on display. But for such a massive change in the price, we really can not complain.

On the other hand, the performance of the watch is truly unbelievable. The smartwatch comes with the latest tracking features that include sleep tracking, heart monitoring, and a very accurate GPS tool.

Even though the watch is not as accurate as the ones that are designed solely to track your fitness like the latest model of Garmin. But it still shows a result that is more than enough for our daily activities. So, you can make the purchase of the latest apple watch SE without any worry.

  • 1. Affordable price for such an exquisite smartwatch.
  • 2. A similar design like the apple watches 6.
  • 3. Better performance than the previous generation smartwatches.
  • 4. Very accurate sleep tracking.
  • 5. In build a heart monitoring system.
  • 6. Smart design.
  • 1. No always-on display.
  • 2. Relatively average battery life.

Apple Watch 6 (The best apple watch that money can buy)

If you are the iPhone user looking for the best smartwatch for your iPhone in 2022 and have enough money to spare, then the apple watch 6 is one of the best options out there.
The series 6 is the best app watch apple has ever produced. It has one of the most feature-packed tracking systems with ECG and blood oxygen monitoring.

This model came out with the SpO2 sensor in build, which is a first for any apple smartwatch. This sensor detects and measures the users’ blood oxygen saturation level.

Now that the health monitoring part is dealt with, let us look at the most anticipated feature that makes the apple watch 6 models superior to the SE model. And that will be always on display. Another important part to look at when it comes to the apple watch 6 is its built quality and materials. The model offers stainless steel build which was unseen before.
And if you want to stand out in the crowd, we have some great news. Along with the traditional rose gold, gray, silver color, the apple watches 6 also comes with blue, red, and gold cases.

A vital thing to keep in mind is that the watch offers around 24 hours of battery backup, although it fairly depends on the amount of use. So, if you plan on using your smartwatch for sleep monitoring, you have to find the right time to charge it back up other than the night.

  • 1. A lot of color options.
  • 2. An overwhelming number of features.
  • 3. Always-on display.
  • 4. High-end built quality.
  • 5. 5ATM water resistance.
  • 1. Can cost a fortune.
  • 2. Needs improved battery life.

YAMAY Smart Watch (Affordable alternative)

YAMAY smartwatch for IOS is one of the most popular affordable smartwatches at the moment. And the irresistible admiration of this product is due to its outstanding quality, accurate sleep tracking features, heart rate, and blood pressure monitoring.

The smartwatch features a 1.65 inch by 1.42-inch touch screen with amazing touch sensitivity. The screen has automatic brightness adjustment, so you do not have to worry about ever adjusting the light due to low visibility.
Considering its price, which is roughly around 50 USD, the features this smartwatch offers are truly unbelievable.

Its connectivity feature allows you to check your notifications, emails, calendars, and social media without ever having to pick your phone out of pocket. You can also control all the music control right from the Yamay smartwatch without any hassle whatsoever.

The blood pressure monitors and also oxygen level monitors included in the Yamay smartwatch are definitely not medical grade. But surprisingly it does a fairly good job of monitoring and keeping you updated on your overall health throughout the day. You can easily get the YAMAY smartwatch at an affordable rate of 40.59 USD only.

The YAMAY Smartwatch uses up-to-date sensors to track the vital pointers of your healthiness which are heart rate, Blood pressure, and sleep. The smartwatch also comes with a real-time display feature that displays the measured data whenever you want to look.

The best thing about this product is its battery life. The battery of the Yamay smartwatch can last up to 7 whole days. And it only takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the device.

What we liked
  • 1. IP68 waterproof rating.
  • 2. Great compatibility and synch with the iPhone.
  • 3. Very affordable price.
  • 4. Activity tracking
  • 5. High-quality display and touch sensitivity
  • 6. Amazing battery life
What we didn’t like
  • 1. The accuracy is not as high as the high-end flagship smartwatches.

Fossil Gen 5 (The most stylish smartwatch for iPhone)

Fossil Gen 5 is without a doubt the most stylish smartwatch on our list. If you are looking for a smartwatch option that is designed to keep both fitness tracking and style in mind, then this is the smartwatch for you.

The body is 44 mm with a very durable stainless-steel build that we all want. The smartwatch can take a beating and still come out victorious without any scratches or dents in its body at all. The screen does not take any damage from a slight fall or scratch at all, which is definitely a great thing to see.

The watch is also water-resistant to a depth of 3 atm pressure, which comes around 30 meters or so. And the gen 5 of Fossil comes in a variety of color options for the users.

The smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch AMOLED display that offers vibrant color and amazing visibility even under sunlight. The colors are punchy enough so you can read the small text from notifications without any hassle at all. Even though it is not as bright as its competitor apple watch 6, but it still does a fairly amazing job.

The fossil gen 5 comes with google wear OS that takes the on-hand experience to a whole new level. You can download new apps to this smartwatch without even having to sync it to your iPhone. And it also offers a variety of smart faces that will never make you feel bored wearing this state-of-the-art smartwatch.

The extra benefit you get from the full access of google assistance even after pairing with your iPhone is truly an out-of-the-world experience for every user. The untethered GPS can also track your distance of run if your iPhone is out of juice.

  • 1. Stylish design.
  • 2. Bright display.
  • 3. Better battery life.
  • 4. Google OS.
  • 5. Untethered GPS.
  • 1. The compatibility can use a bit more work.

Fitbit versa 2 (Best health-tracking smartwatch for iPhone)

If you are someone who is looking for a smartwatch for your IOS device that can provide you with the best health monitoring and tracking features, then Fitbit versa two is the way to go. This is also the best Fitbit smartwatch for IOS, period.
This smartwatch goes a long way in improving your health and wellbeing. It offers a break from the rectangular apple watch design and provides an almost square display with amazing touch responsiveness. But the thing that keeps this smartwatch from being one of the most visually pleasing and effective ones is its thick bezel.

So in case you are looking at something that is not dark, it may look a bit cheap due to that thick bezel.
The body of the watch is made up of stainless steel, while the screen is featuring corning gorilla glass 3. So, it definitely does not feel anything less expensive in the hand while wearing.

The screen is also fully Amoled.
That means the icons and UI will look even brighter and crisp than ever before.
Speaking of UI, the Fitbit UI is one of the easy to get used to UI out there on the market. It kind of reminds the user of the IOS icons and interfaces in general.
Now it is time to talk about the place where the Fitbit versa 2 shines. And that is its monitoring and tracking system.

The sleep tracking of the smartwatch is super smooth. It can easily break down information like how many hours you slept and which stages of sleep were you in. From REM sleeping to deep sleeping to light sleeping, this watch has got you covered. It also provides a score for your sleep.
It also offers a massive amount of exercise to choose from. And will provide a very accurate result at the end.

  • 1. Untouchable battery life.
  • 2. Fresh square design.
  • 3. Decent budget-friendly price.
  • 4. Excellent sleep tracking.
  • 1. The interface might seem glitchy at times.

Wrap up

That ends today’s list of the top 5 smartwatches for iPhone in 2022. Each of the smartwatches we discussed today is superior to another in its own genre.

So, whether you are looking for a cheap option or something to resonate with your style game or the best that money can buy, you will definitely find your choice here.
Buying a smartwatch should not be a difficult task. So follow our lead, get the one that talks to you and make the purchase without any worry.

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