Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Review: Incredible Dual-screen Advanced Smartwatch

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Review

The tickwatch Pro is the latest iteration in a line of smartwatches that you might already be familiar with this time around. Today I will talk about Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Review and it’s performance.

In the first place, it is heavily counting on “Android wear” or what is now called wear OS by Google.

In that regard, the Wear OS experience and the software experience are quite similar compared to these two wear OS devices.

Now let’s start off with a design the watch does look a bit let’s say beefy. And there is a silver edition. But I have this black design that actually worked really well with a watch strap that I put on it.

The watch strap that comes with the tick watch Pro is pretty awesome actually because the top portion is a leather-like material that gives it an executive look.

But then it feels like a sports watch because the bottom portion has a breathable synthetic. My one problem with the watch strap was that it was just a bit too thin which made the watch face look even bigger. So, what I wanted to do was to get a watch strap that was as wide as the body itself.

  • Clever dual-screen setup
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Premium design
  • Long battery life in Essential mode
  • Design is bulky
  • Wear OS still needs work
  • Mediocre battery in smart mode

And I happen to have one it’s an old watch strap that I used to use with the pebble. You have two large buttons on the side. One of them at the top is the main power button that also gets you to the app drawer.

And then the bottom button can be programmed with a shortcut. Personally, I just use that bottom one to open up the timer so that I can go easily to three to five minutes while I’m making a cup of tea.

But of course, there are a ton of applications that you can get in the where OS Play Store.

In addition, you will get associated applications for all of the things you might already have in the connected Smartphone.

I’ve already used the phone for several night’s sleep tracking using sleep as Android.

Moreover, you can use popular media like google play music and other renowned apps via Wi-Fi connection on the watch to stream your music.

There are also four gigabytes of onboard storage so that you can move some local music files onto the watch and be able to stream it straight from there.

So, you don’t always have to have the smart phone on you but admittedly this is not a feature that I use very often.

All of the sensors and connections you would want on a typical premium wear OS device are here including a heart rate sensor and NFC for things like google pay.

And finally, the watch body has an ip68 rating which means that it can really go up against the elements.

So, why is the watch body beefy?

Well, the reason why is because there’s actually a lot going on underneath the surface. You would normally get on any other where OS devices.

A 1.4 inch 400 by 400 OLED display which is what you get here. But then there is a whole nother screen that is layered on top of that. That is an LCD display that you can use for simply using this as a watch.

When that secondary display is being used?

It is in what is called the essential mode where you only get the time and the date.

If you use the bottom button while in a central mode, you can trigger the heart rate sensor.

It’s like a retro watch.

It’s something that you can use either all the time by going into a central mode or you can use it as a way of prolonging the battery life.

One of the main ways of doing this is by using where OS normally and by using the ambient display

However, once the watch gets down to about 20 maybe 15 percent, it goes into the power saving mode instead of going to this ambient display.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro Review Video

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