New Blades for Your Braun Shaver: Updated in June 2024


Braun shaver head Replacement is important to Braun shavers. Braun has been a leading name in electric shaving for more than 50 years, and their products are known for their quality and reliability. Braun sells replacement blades that can be used with most Braun foil or rotary shavers. A Braun blade will provide an excellent shave every time, making it worth the investment over cheaper brands of replacement blades.

How to choose the right blade for your Braun shaver?

Braun blades are designed to fit Braun shavers. The head of a Braun foil razor will require a Braun Optimized Foil Cutter, while the head of a Braun rotary model requires a Braun Series Cutting Head Compatible with All Moisture Bars or OptiFoil Cutter.

Braun blades are not interchangeable between Braun models.

The Braun Series is the only foil replacement head that can be used with all Braun shavers, while the Braun Optifoil Replacement Head is compatible with some rotary models of Braun shavers. If your Braun model isn’t listed on either of these products, check for a compatibility chart or contact customer service to see if your specific model will work before purchasing new blades.

How do I change my old blade?

Replacing a worn-out blade in any type of razor takes just minutes and requires no tools whatsoever – simply pop off the top cap by placing thumbs on both sides near the middle of each side panel under where it attaches to the shaving handle. Lift slightly until you hear a click, this is the sound of a locking tab letting go.

Braun shaver models with Aqua Tec technology have an extra step here – make sure the blue button on each side panel clicks into place before pulling down. Do not force it or you may damage your Braun razor head.

Once both sides are free, pop out the center core by placing your thumbs under where it attaches to the handle and pushing up slightly until it pops off easily.

This entire process should take less than 30 seconds if done carefully without forcing anything open too much lest you risk breaking something that might be difficult to replace or costly to repair as well as voiding any warranty associated with the use of non-Braun parts such as these replacement heads found online for some Braun shavers which include the Braun series shavers.

Finally, don’t forget about after-shave care

After finishing up a shave, apply an alcohol-free toner that will soothe any irritation caused by shaving providing you with a clean and healthy feeling.

On top of that, Braun recommends applying an after-shave moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth for the day ahead!

Be sure not to use regular alcohol-based toners or lotions which will dry out your face instead.

5 tips for shaving with a new blade

Shaving with a new blade is always tricky, Braun recommends that you try these five tips to get the best shave possible:

  • Try a new blade every week.
  • Lather up with plenty of shaving gel for extra protection and lubrication – Braun adds it will provide skin with ample moisture during your shave.
  • Use short strokes in an upward motion while staying as close to the face as possible. This is more effective than long or circular motions which can irritate sensitive areas such as under your neck and chin.
  • Rinse often between passes and always use cold water on a fresh shaver head post-shave. It helps soothe any irritation from shaving allowing less ingrown hair over time!

-Finally, don’t forget about after-shave care After-shave is important for soothing any irritation, protecting the skin, and making it easier to achieve a closer shave. Braun series shavers use alcohol-free after-shaves so you won’t have to worry about your face feeling dried out or tight after shaving!

Braun Accessories for a smooth shave

Braun Series 3 32B Foil & Cutter Replacement Head

Braun’s Series 3 new generation cruzer shaver is a high-performance, cordless razor that delivers a clean shave with the world’s #1 foil shaver brand.

The Cruzer shaver features Braun’s Triple Action Free Float System with three specialized shaving elements to capture more hair in every stroke for a close shave.

Braun 83M Series 8 Replacement Foil and Cutter Cassette

The Braun 8 Series is the foundation of your shaving routine, delivering a perfect shave time after time. The Braun 8 Series is designed to be used with Braun’s patented SyncroSonic technology which allows both blades and foils to work together for the closest cut you can get.

This replacement foil and cutter cassette features an extra-large shaver head that delivers 40% more skin contact than before, giving you a close shave that lasts longer. This specially designed cassette also includes an integrated trimmer for shaping sideburns, facial hair, or even trimming your mustache

Braun 5S Series 5 Electric Shaver Replacement Foil & Cassette Cartridge

The Braun replacement foil and cassette cartridge are compatible with the following shavers: Series 3, Series 4, and Series 7.

The foil and cutter block should be replaced every eighteen months to ensure a close shave. Replacing your blade gives a 25% better shave than an un-replaced one.

This product is suitable for use in the US/UK only. Delivery is free when you purchase this item from Braun Direct.

Braun 92S Series 9 Electric Shaver Replacement Foil and Cassette Cartridge

Braun 92s Series 9 electric shaver replacement foil and cassette cartridge – Silver. Braun, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric shavers, has released the new series 9 9290cc with a brand new shaving system.

The intelligent Sonic technology delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute for exceptional shaving performance.

The triple-action cutting system is designed to shave long hair as short as 0.05mm and short hair as close as 0.5mm for a truly comfortable shave every day of the week!

Frequently asked questions

How often do I need to change my razor’s blade and how do I know when it needs changing?

Braun blades need to be replaced every 18 months. Braun Series shavers have a built-in indicator light that will let you know when the blade needs changing! Braun recommends replacing your blades after shaving less than six times, or if they are dull/frayed around the outer edges.

Why you should change the blades in your Braun shaver regularly?

You should change the blades in your Braun shaver regularly to ensure you are getting the best shave possible. Braun recommends changing your blades every 18 months which is slightly different from other manufacturers who recommend a once-a-year replacement for their shavers.

The Braun Series shaver’s unique cutting system with its two-foil head construction makes it easier to remove hair growing in multiple directions while preventing skin irritation by minimizing pressure on the skin during shaving.

How long do Braun electric shaver blades last?

Braun shaver blades are designed to last for about 18 months. Braun recommends you change your Braun shaving head every year or after about 500 full body shaves whichever comes first.

Why should Braun’s electric razor blades be replaced? Braun’s patented SyncroSonic technology is what makes the difference in their products, it delivers up to 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute which allows hair follicles that grow in different directions and varying skin types to be cut more comfortably with less irritation than other leading brands can offer. This also means that there will not be any pulling of hair like many other cheaper brands experience because they do not have this advanced technology built into their razors.

What type of Braun shaver do I have?

Braun has different types of shaver and Braun shaver heads to choose from. Braun has three main types of razors, the foil style which is great for sensitive skin and short hair, then there’s the middle ground in-between with their Sensoflex which works well for all different kinds of men when it comes to shaving needs because you can adjust its settings accordingly depending on your face or body type.

Lastly, Braun also offers an electric trimmer that will allow users to quickly trim down any hairs before they begin shaving so that way no extra steps are needed afterward.

How often should you replace Braun Series 7 blades?

Braun recommends replacing the Braun Series razors after 18 months.

Replacing Braun blades:

  • When the red LED shows, it’s time for a replacement blade.
  • If you shave twice or more times per week, we recommend replacing your foil and cutter cassette every year.
  • If you only shave once a week, then change them every other year as required by their self-charge system calibration needs (check out Braun Shaver Replacement Chart).

How often should you replace blades on an electric razor?

You should replace your blades on an electric razor every 18 months.

The Braun Series razors use the HQ56 series blades which are standard Braun shaver heads that can be purchased at any drugstore such as CVS Pharmacy. They cost $79 each but they last about 12 years so if you buy one pack of four it will pay off after two years!

Is a Rotary or foil shaver better?

Rotary shavers are better for shaving below the neck area.

Foil razors are often preferred by people with sensitive skin as they tend to leave less irritation than rotary blades do.

How often should I replace Braun foil?

You should replace Braun foil every 18 months. Braun foil replacement is an easy process and can be done at home with the Braun foil Replacement Instructions video below.

Can you sharpen electric shaver blades?

No, Braun shaver blades are not sharpenable. You need to replace them after every 18 months on average.

Do electric shavers get dull?

Yes, Braun electric shaver blades become dull over time. It is recommended to replace the Braun razor blade every 18 months on average. You can find replacement Braun shavers in the Braun Shaver Replacement Parts section below!

Is electric shaving better for the skin?

Yes, Braun electric shaver blades are gentle on the skin and provide a clean shave without irritating the skin. Braun recommends using their electric razors with shaving gels for extra protection against irritation as well.

Do electric shavers leave stubble?

No, Braun electric shavers provide a clean shave without leaving any stubble. Braun recommends using their electric razors with shaving gels for extra protection against irritation as well.

Do you need the Braun cleaning station?

The Braun cleaning stations are a great way to clean the Braun electric shaver head quickly and thoroughly. Braun recommends using their electric razors with shaving gels for extra protection against irritation as well.

How can I make my razors sharp again?

The Braun cleaning stations are a great way to clean the Braun electric shaver head quickly and thoroughly. Braun recommends using their electric razors with shaving gels for extra protection against irritation as well.

How often should you change shaver heads?

You should change shaver heads every 12 months. Braun recommends replacing the head every 18 months, but customers have had luck with them lasting even longer than that by following our detailed care instructions for electric razors.

Should you dry-shave your face?

Dry shaving your face can result in irritation. Braun recommends using Braun shaver heads with gel or cream and always making sure the Braun electric razor is clean before you begin to shave.

Do foil shavers give a close shave?

Yes, Braun foil shavers have a patented SensoBlade system with dual blades to give you the closest shave possible.


Braun shavers are all about the quality of your shave, and these blades will help you get that. Leave a comment below to let us know how happy you are with this purchase.

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