Top 10 Best Gadgets

Top 10 Latest Gadgets

Top 10 Latest Gadgets

The best technology companies around the world like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and more are constantly searching for new ways to update and improve their latest gadgets. They are continuously finding ways to upgrade their devices and creating stunning new hardware designs, making those gadgets more useful and user friendly. They are also trying to come up with entirely new discoveries that we did not even know we wanted!

Now days, if you want to be on the cutting edge tech era, you should get the best gadgets for you to make your life easier and smarter.  It’s okay to get confused and face choice paralysis when you’re given so many options that attract you and as a result you end up not being able to make the perfect selection. But don’t worry, we have done the research for you and found the best gadgets! 2017-2018 was the most exciting years for the gadget and tech lovers. Here are the top 10 gadgets of 2017/2018 according to Times –

Apple iPhone X

The biggest giant in mobile phone industry “Apple” launched its latest flagship phone the iPhone X also known as iPhone 10. The iPhone X is a vital device came with completely new look and design that changed the shape of iPhone’s iconic old look. It also ditches the old design and look of iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus by almost reducing the bezel on the phone and giving iPhone X a much modern look. This new iPhone X also has an edge-to-edge screen on it and it came with the facial recognition system, which is setting the new standard and a new trend for mobile phones to come.


Apple iPhone X’s Face ID system is already being used by other third party apps like Snapchat and Warby Parker in many innovative ways, such as these apps are using this face mapping system to improve their real time masks to give a realistic look to you to add more fun in your social platform. iPhone 10 also came with high definition camera, large screen, long battery life and a palatable size which made Apple iPhone X – the top pick for you!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch is recognized as the finest Nintendo console ever made! It has already taken place into the heart of all the gamer worldwide and has replaced all the other consoles they had. No matter wherever you are, Nintendo hopes to stay as the only gaming device one would ever need for gaming. The Nintendo Switch is mainly a one-part handheld home console device. The hybrid console has proven itself as a huge success among the game lovers. It’s offering up an exceptional and next level of handheld console with such great graphical quality, and it is transitioning into a perfect home console seamlessly.

The way Nintendo Switch has combined and executed the idea of gaming on-the-go along with gaming at home without preferring either is such a success and a credit to the Nintendo’s team. And as the new games like “Fortnite’s” arrival, again the Nintendo Switch has proven to be in a better proposition than ever.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s renowned flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy Android mobile handsets has already set the standard for Android smart mobile phones in 2017. Surely it is not the first mobile phone with almost borderless large display screen, but the Samsung Galaxy S8’s elegant curved display was the most attractive and demanding phones among others on that year. Certainly, Galaxy S8’s eye-popping OLED display screen was the best one could ask for on a smartphone. Also, Samsung took the step to simplify its Android software to make it more user-friendly.

The Plus: Impressive look and attractive design; Clean and light software interface; Crisp display screen; Greater battery life

The Minus: Cannot always rely on its Facial recognition; High Price (Yet it’s one of the most popular); Fingerprint scanner could be very hard to reach

Why should you buy: With Samsung’s large eye-popping display screen and long-lasting battery life, the Galaxy S8 is sure to please most smartphone shoppers, even iPhone loyalists.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s first take on a real laptop (neither a notebook nor tablet) is a genuine champ. Between its light and rich structure, sharp screen, and enduring battery, the Surface Laptop can be the best pick for anybody looking for new laptop with Windows. Microsoft is using Windows 10 S in this device which is the newer version of Windows, and projecting the Surface Laptop as a device that only can ran programs from the app store of Microsoft. As Google improved their Chromebooks, Microsoft is also hoping to make the Windows 10 S, software simpler for users by making the device run faster, allowing better security and providing more battery life. But users who find Windows 10 S – too much restrictive, they can change the operating system (OS) of Surface laptop to Windows 10 Pro for free, but it will be valid for a limited time only. The permanent software upgrade is likely to cost about $50, when the promotional period is over.

DJI Spark

Dà-Jiāng Innovations, mostly known as “DJI” – is a Chinese technology company. DJI right now is the leader in the world of commercial and civilian drone industry. Their drones are specially designed for aerial videography and photography. DJI’s latest palm-sized drone DJI Spark is considered as a big step for making drones more easier to use and more convenient for its users. One of the most standout features in the DJI Spark is that for navigation it does not require a remote control. All you need to do is just tap the button twice located in the back of the device, and it will instantly prepare itself to take off right from hand’s palm. Also, you can pilot the drone with your hands, inciting it to fly in a certain direction or higher and lower with just a wave of your arm. Under optimal conditions, these attractive features are likely to perform best, and the DJI Spark drone’s size and simplicity make it unique though it does not always operate flawlessly. Still, if you are a fan of drones, you are definitely going to love this magical device!

Amazon Echo (second generation)

When it comes to choose a smart speaker, there are so many choices available right at this moment. And all of them come with great features. From the small portable designs to smart display screens, these speakers are dominating the tech market, and of-course to figure out the best among them is a tough task! But “GadgetAnswer” has done the homework for you and is proud to introduce you with the “Amazon Echo (Second Generation)” smart speaker.

The Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) right now is in the must buy list of all tech lovers and it is one of the most demanding and popular smart speakers that are available in the market today. On top of that, Amazon echo giving users the flexibility to use Alexa and command it to surf the internet, control smart home security devices and even order items from Amazon. Overall the Amazon Echo is leading the market of smart speakers. There is now a lot of competition from other tech giants like Google Home, Apple Homepod and a bunch of other third party smart speaker devices. But Amazon has always been a step ahead in the game. Amazon Echo (Second Generation) is a solid speaker system, with AI smart home device controller in the form of Alexa with an improved design and look.

Apple Watch 3

World’s leading Tech giant Apple’s latest smartwatch the “Apple Watch 3” at last lets you to leave your mobile at home. This watch supports LTE giving you the opportunity to take calls and send messages even when your phone is out of range. These third generation Apple watches comes with faster processor and have the new barometric altimeter to track your daily activities such as counting steps and counting the number of the stairs you climbed. The Apple Watch is not there to take the place of your phone but to give you the freedom to leave your phone at home while you go for walk the dog or maybe for a short run and exercise. The Apple Watch is much worth considering, particularly for athletic kinds.

The Plus: Long lasting battery life, bright and clear screen and awesome fitness app features

The Minus: Compatible only with iPhone, Siri is still kinda patchy

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X device is the gaming console of the future. Xbox One X stands to hold that title of the “Most powerful console for gaming on earth” for the rest of the console generation.

The Xbox One X comes with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, packed with an eight-core CPU, clocked at 2.3GHz. It also has a GPU clocked at 1172MHz, which enables you to feel the giant six teraflops and native 4K of graphical computing power. Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the best choice console for gamers who want screaming performance with lesser price than a high-end gaming PC.

Sony Alpha A7R III

The Sony Alpha A7R III came with noticeable improvements over its forerunner and also offered lower price than the Sony  A9 Alpha. The Sony Alpha A7R III considered as one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made. This camera can shoot at almost double the resolution of the previous A9 and also has an autofocus, which is also twice as fast as the A7R II. However it’s worth remembering that the Sony A9 provides faster burst shooting. But the lower price of Alpha A79 III and heightened performance that it gives are almost enough to impress both the professional and amateur photographers.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic

Nintendo’s iconic gaming device “Super Nintendo” gaming machine made a tremendous comeback in 2017. The SNES Classic comes stacked with 21 retro titles, including The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and also with formerly unreleased Star Fox diversion. In this device you will find everything from the games themselves to the way the joystick feel in your hands are exactly as they were is the 1990s. According to research firm NPD, the Super Nintendo SNES Classic was one of the best-selling game consoles.


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