The Best Gadgets for Online Poker Players

Online poker has caught on in a pretty big way in the past year and a half. The pandemic caused a sudden and widespread need for at-home entertainment as well as a remote social activity, and poker proved to be a convenient solution to both problems.

In states with legal online gambling, increased poker activity led to measurable spikes in revenue. And though reported recently that live casinos were picking up steam again, it’s believed that online poker and casinos are still attracting more activity than they were pre-pandemic.

Meanwhile, in states that don’t support actual casino activity, people have sought similar outlets on free-play poker apps and websites.

As we continue to work our way through the pandemic, some at-home activity like this will inevitably decline. It looks to be a safe bet right now, however, that online poker will prove to have gained some lasting popularity.

And because of that, we want to recommend a few convenient gadgets for online poker players to make use of.

Gadgets for Online Poker Players


Talk to any regular online poker player, and they’ll tell you they like to immerse themselves in the games. They aren’t getting up from their desks to go grab snacks or listening to podcasts or TV shows while they play.

Rather, they’re honing in on poker, shutting out the world around them as best they can. A nice headset makes this easier to do, and it’s one reason gamers of all kinds increasingly value their audio accessories.

Some of the desired features discussed in our ‘Best Gaming Headsets in Sep 2021’ piece — such as high-end microphones — aren’t necessarily vital to poker. But a high-end headset will still be most effective at shutting out white noise and surrounding players with the sounds of the game (even if they just consist of card shuffles and clinking chips).

Gaming Keyboard

Online gamers in general value their keyboards as full-fledged controllers, and often go to great lengths to secure (or design) keyboards that are intuitive and comfortable.

This isn’t as necessary in poker because the controls aren’t demanding. Nevertheless, gamers will also speak to the feel of keyboards as something satisfying that enhances their experiences.

This is something poker players will benefit from as well. A keyboard that works smoothly, feels comfortable, and clicks just the way you want it to just makes a long gaming session more pleasant. It can help a poker player “stay in the zone,” so to speak.


Staying immersed is definitely one of the most important techniques online poker players adhere to. But another “must” among the players who hope to win is reasonable and consistent handling of finances. refers to this as “bankroll management” in a piece on how to win at poker, and that’s perhaps the clearest way to think of it. Successful players need to keep tabs on their budgets, what they’re depositing in each game, winnings, and losses, and so on.

And really, even if there’s only play money at stake this kind of diligence will lead to better strategic decision-making. With all of this said, however, games can move quickly.

For that simple reason, we’d recommend poker players keep simple but reliable calculators on hand as well. It’s easier to use the “gadget” in this case than to switch to a tab or application on the computer and move away from a game, and being able to make quick calculations should improve money and chip handling.

Digital Notepad

A lot of poker players also have more success when they record details of their games. This might mean notes on deposits, winnings, and losses; it might mean a hand-by-hand report on all of the action taking place; it may even amount to jotting down observations about opponents’ habits.

Whatever a given player’s style of note-taking may be though, having a digital notepad on hand can be enormously beneficial. To be clear, we’re referring here to a device that you can write on with a stylus, and which will then create digital documents to save your notes.

As with a physical calculator, it’s just easier to take notes on a device like this on the side, rather than try to toggle between your game and a word processing document or note-taking app.

Smart Thermostat

This idea’s a little bit more outside the box, but it’s still a gadget plenty of online poker players (and gamers in general) will undoubtedly appreciate.

A smart thermostat provides quick and easy control over the temperature and sometimes even the air quality of a room. This makes it an invaluable tool for maintaining comfort during a long gaming session. Furthermore, it should be noted that these devices are more accessible than ever.

While the Nest thermostat made this technology trendy, there’s now a full market of effective and affordable options, with CNN Underscored having pointed to Ecobee, Honeywell, and Wyze all as suitable alternatives.

Pick out any of these thermostats and you’ll be able to ensure your online poker room feels just the way you like it, allowing you to settle in and focus on the game.


The best gadgets for online poker players are ones that allow them to get the most out of their hobby. These devices can help improve player performance, increase profits, and make it easier to enjoy all aspects of this pastime.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top picks! Which one do you use? Did we miss anything important? Let us know in the comments below!

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